DIY Festive decorations

We had a small pile of plywood left over from a variety of different projects throughout the year (like our Chatswood and Newton balcony transformations) and the remaining bits are too small to use in another projects… so we got to thinking about how we could incorporate them into the festive season, instead of sending them away to become landfill.

Most of us have bits of wood lying around and if you don’t then you can get a piece of recycled or eco friendly plantation wood from your local hardwares store. It’s so simple to use the humble jigsaw to make some cute decorations and as gifts.


  1. Get some templates of festive season shapes and outlines. You can find these just about anywhere – craft shops, magazines, even cookie cutters. We hand drew some bird, reindeer and angel shapes based on a nursery rhyme book. Just remember to make sure the shapes are simple enough for the jigsaw blade to be maneuvered around easily.
  2. Trace the designs onto the plywood and then simply get a fine blade for your jigsaw and cut out the shapes.
  3. Drill a hole for some ribbon, thread it through to tie a knot and you’re done. You could go for a further splash of colour and paint them, but we preferred the natural grain.

Sand down the edges to get rid of any splinters, but don’t try and get them too smooth because it’s their rustic finish that is charming and gives them that homemade character. Place a pile of them in a glass bowl or vase with a simple, personalised tag (you could even write, paint or stamp directly onto the ornaments with a personal message). These make such cute festive favors for guests to pick from the jar before heading home from their festive feasts.

Gift giving doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. But it should always be thoughtful, it should always be a pleasure and not feel like an obligation… and it certainly doesn’t hurt to gift something repurposed and handmade, so try it out this season.

Jigsaw Jingle; Handmade Christmas Ornaments and Gifts

If you liked this project then you may also like to see how we repurposed a light bulb into Christmas ornaments.

– Surangi

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