The Road Less Travelled; Beautiful Planet

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You already know a little about me from my bio, but I thought I’d add a few more key pieces to add some background and context to my posts coming up in H&D’s ‘The Road Less Travelled’.

I’m an English guy originally from a town called Peterborough which is an hour north of London. I left the UK a few days after Christmas 2008 and moved to Toronto for eighteen months before travelling the world for six months prior to my arrival in Sydney. I’m loving living in and exploring Sydney and Australia, however wherever I choose to live often becomes ‘base camp’ as I try and fit in travel wherever possible.

I will be heading out on my travels between now and my next blog. This time to Thailand and Cambodia.I’m excited to explore the hustle and bustle of Bangkok before heading to a wedding to in Cambodia and finally ending with a few days on a Thai island. I’ll be sure to have a few adventures to share with you from these place the next time I write.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit every continent bar Antarctica (its on the list!) and i’ll be sharing some of the more hidden and off the track spots for you each month via H&D.

The Road Less Travelled; Mark Turner

From little local cafes in village side streets 30 mins outside of Rome, diving with sea turtles in Roatan (an island off the coast of Honduras), meditating on the shores of the Gariep River in South Africa, to a local ‘off the tourist trail’ onsen in Japan. I aim to share my adventures on ‘the road less travelled’ to give you my perspective and experiences.

I’ll also be writing about random travel musings like which burgers make my top 5 list. Now, I’m sure you won’t be surprised by locations such as New York and Toronto, but on my lists i’ll also have places like a little village under an active volcano in Costa Rica!

As you may know from my work in founding ZenWave, I’m keen photographer and I’m often told how beautiful my photo’s are. I’ll leave this blog with my usual response to such flattering praise…


I always maintain that it’s not my photography skills that make my photo’s so stunning – its this beautiful planet – and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite places with you.

– Mark | ZenWave Gallery

H&D Guest Writer. The Road Less Travelled; Mark Turner


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