H&D Colour Couple: Yellow + Grey

The first couple to star in our H&D colour union was Blue and Green… and it’s time to feature a new heavenly pair.

We’re loving the different retro and modern vibes that homewares stores are channelling with their displays in hues of yellows and greys. We’re not shy about colour and love pops of yellow, however these little bursts of sunshine really come into their own when mixed with subdued swatches of grey, mismatched with fresh whites, accents of blacks and charcoals and natural, weathered wood tones.

Take a look for some inspiration from this colour couple: 

Our Local THREE BEANS CAFE had a very nice industrial vibe with grey stools, exposed brick counter island/bar with under-bench lighting, a large chalkboard menu and some yellow accents. A few vintage mismatched glasses and retro counter displays helped warm up the mainstream franchise… and off in the distance on the right top wall are hung some vintage milk urns in all their rusted glory and weathered, green patinas. I’d love my kitchen to look like this!

H&D Colour Couple; Yellow + Grey

COUNTRY ROAD currently has a lovely homewares range with yellow and grey highlights together with a slight retro and beach vibe. They are paired nicely with simple white, wooden and metal serving spoons, platters and bowls. Their vintage prints are a really nice touch too!

ADAIRS has some cute prints and glassware in this palette too.

NEST stocks a great yellow range by Salt & Pepper.

LAURA ASHLEY has a more formal and feminine take on this colour couple. Some very nice accent pieces and statement chairs – opulent indeed!

Let us know what you think about this colour couple and if you have some examples of these colours in your space.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

3 thoughts on “H&D Colour Couple: Yellow + Grey

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