Rustic Homewares Haven: A surprise holiday find

We were in Sri Lanka to visit some family recently and between all the spirited reunions of the extended brood, many feasts and treats and lots of exploring of this little island (more dedicated posts on the latter coming soon), I happened to stumble upon a home wares store – a surprise find which really did spark much H&D-ness from across the seas.


Now, I wouldn’t want to cause a ruckus by saying this chance find ‘completed’ our holiday because it was definitely family that made the holiday extra special. However, I will say that it is stumbling upon places like these – both locally and around the world – that help me live and breath all things creative.

This was a little cave of treasures and by “cave” I mean “store”, and by “treasures” …I really do mean treasures!. Lovely rustic and rusted pieces, aged pottery, wicker baskets, upcycled items from country areas, hints of industrial designs, and items that played a subtle homage to to the islands farming and fishing heartland. There were hints of ethnic style injected into the mix but in a refreshing way through undertones instead of the usual overpowering in-your-face tribal overtones.


So many of the pieces were completed in weathered wood, terra cotta and earthenware finishes with materials that have been sourced and made locally and inspired by nature. Soft furnishings repeated this theme with simple tones, natural fibers, dyes and fabrics used throughout.

Take a look at some of the items we came across. Some were too heavy to take back home with us, but multiple smaller items made it into our luggage at the expense of the suitcase zipper. Check out some of my favourite finds from the store and check out their website for more info on their stores, cafe and gallery – Paradise Road, Sri Lanka.


Do you have any home stores discovered on travels that you want to send a little shout-out to or recommend to the creative ‘home & lifestyle’ traveller?


8 thoughts on “Rustic Homewares Haven: A surprise holiday find

  1. I really like this. Shabby Chic is certainly a type of Feng Shui, giving a
    stress free, soft and feminine feel. A very romantic way of decorating making people want to come in
    and relax.

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