Summer Resort Wear

Welcome to my first blog post ever and the first of many musings on my favourite fashion bits and pieces which I’m delighted to share with you through Cloud9. And from what better location than beachside whilst on summer vacation – the one place where anyone and everyone can pull off extreme splashes of colour!

Everyday Runway; Summer Resort Wear

So I guess I should take a step back and tell you a bit about myself. I’m not into labels for the sake of them and I prefer a nice piece regardless of the brand. Juggling a postgraduate degree and a job means I do have to pay attention to the price tag. So that means I’m looking at things for the Everyday Runway.

Being the youngest of three girls, I inevitably got hand me downs. And while some things my siblings owned should NEVER have seen the light of day (hypercoloured overalls for example), I loved sorting through mismatched bits and pieces and putting something together. Today I do the same, except the family hand-me-downs have dried up so I keep evolving my eclectic wardrobe by sourcing from online boutiques, vintage stores, markets and a few favourite local shops.

As a post-graduation gift to myself, I’ve been on a three month holiday traveling across the USA. Unfortunately, between the hostels, oversized luggage, and road trips, my holiday snaps are more scenic than fashion chic.

BUT, my trip did culminate in a family holiday in Sri Lanka, which was a COMPLETELY unplanned wave of fashion inspiration. I managed to get some ultra comfortable gear on a shoe-string budget and these pieces have even managed to make it to the ‘fave finds’ section of my wardrobe. Yes, I have actually mentally named segments of my wardrobes … and by wardrobe I actually mean floor-robe because I’m in the middle of a post-holiday a spring clean.

So on holidays, I was clearly subliminally channelling some resortiness because the two resorts I adored while on holidays had decor and furnishings that matched what I wore there. It was clearly meant to be!

The first resort was called Chaaya which is located in the beach town of Hikkaduwa along the east coast of Sri Lanka (another full post on this resort coming shortly via H&D). I opted for a loose fitting fusia coloured blouse that was sporting a tad of a pirate sleeve (a-harrr!) and some harem style shorts. I’m a fan of harem pants but thats too much cover up on a summer holiday wheras the shorts were so comfortable. The bag was bought as a beach bag for towels, sunscreen and such, but it’s actually a lovely salmon pink and I’m pretty sure I haven’t put it down since I’ve gotten back.

I picked up all three items plus some cute jewellry and a dress for under $150 (AUD) from a store in Colombo called Cotton Collection. They have an online store too so check it out for some really great buys. The sandals were bought online from asia based website Chilly Beauty and only cost $45.00 (AUD).

Everyday Runway; Summer Resort Wear

Oh and I just added a simple, sheer scarf for chilly the extremely air-conditioned ride over to the resort. It actually gave the bright, fuscia top a totally different toned-down look altogether and I’m thinking it would look great coordinated with a blazer in winter too.


The second resort was at Makara Dolphin Beach in an area called Kalpitiya on the west coast of Sri Lanka (a full post on this decadentresort coming to H&D soon!). It was at this magical little place called Makara that I finally had a reason to pull out my blue and green heavily ethnic-patterned kaftan. It’s a great cover-up over a swimming consume and for lazing around in. I was very conscientious to dedicate a disproportionate amount of time got the later cause in the loose fitting kaftan flowing in the breeze as I rocked myself to sleep in a hammock tied to two coconut trees. Yes I was living a little island cliche and loving it!

The ice lounge at the resort was an ultra chic mix of blue and green modern beach theme. . The kaftan was definitely a great resort buy from British Store for $40. The swimming costume had a little twist to it (quite literally) and provided a simple point of interest in shade of teal picked up from the kaftan. The two piece swim suit was another bargain from Chilly Beauty for $45 and was actually really comfortable too.

Everyday Runway; Summer Resort Wear


Something tells me I’m going to have a whole heap of fun doing ‘research’ for my monthly posts on H&D.

Hope my colour splashes have inspired you to get your resort-chic on… Or at the very least inspired you to book a summer escape.

Now it’s back to my floor-robe situation. I’m sure the fruits of my labour will bring you some interesting combinations for next post.

– Indi

Everyday Runway; Fashion Columnis

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