H&D Page Turner; Every Day Counts

Sometimes I really do find the most soulful things in the most unexpected of places. This time it was on a recent visit to Ikea for some flat-packed book shelves … when this unassumingly placed book caught my eye; Every Day Counts. It promptly made it’s way onto my coffee table and there it has stayed for two weeks now, continuing to catch my attention every morning since.


When I first saw it, I thought it was going to be one big printed infomercial with product placement everywhere (which is why I was going to buy it anyway because I figured if it was anything like the Ikea annual catalogue, then I’d love it). I decided to have a quick pre-purchase flick through it …. and … it.was.GLORIOUS!

At only $7.99 (a whopping $9.99 if you don’t hold a free Ikea ‘Family’ membership) it is way cuter than many, many other coffee table books that I’ve bought for more than ten times that price.

There is very subtle product placement but no direct references to any of their products. Rather, it is a gorgeously photographed, feel-good coffee table book on effortless indoor and outdoor entertaining, inspirational ideas for throughout the week and delicious fuss-free recipes. It really pays homage to the fact that mass-produced can coexist in perfect harmony with recycled and repurposed items to create soulful spaces and heartfelt moments.

So yes, it is an infomercial – for H&D.

I’m seeing so many of my favourite H&D ideas in this book: Personalising crockery, easy chalkboard paint projects, simple Christmas decorating ideas, making your own drinks and gifts, wrapping with brown paper and string, table and place setting ideas, re-using glass jars and tins, an array of sweet treats and fuss-free recipes, paper pompoms and other decorating ideas, children’s party ideas

Photos of some of the pages from the book..

I just love this little page turner and I know it’s going to inspire many little projects for H&D. Take a look when you’re next in store – for $7.99 you may want to grab a few of these because it would make such a lovely gift (and no allen key self-assembly required).

– Surangi

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