Weekday Challenge; Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is such a weekend indulgence … that is, for those that get treated to it at all. So, inspired by my new most favourite coffee table book Every Day Counts I challenge you to make some time to serve up a tray of simple goodies to a loved one on a weekday morning – when they least expect it, when you have the least time for it and therefore, when it will hopefully be the most appreciated.

You could just simply treat yourself to a bit of mid-week indulgence (especially if your not-so-subtle hinting hasn’t produced anything much in the potential treat giver).

Some midweek inspiration - the day that starts with a breakfast tray

No time you say? Well you be wrong. Everything can be prepared the night before and assembled within minutes on the morning. So if you are the breakfast tray producer, then gather up your tray (or even better, make one in advance), plonk on some cutlery, your favourite crockery, glassware and a vase if you want to go that little bit extra with a small, fresh bunch of flowers too. A scented candle and the recipient’s favourite book or magazine wouldn’t go astray either.

Lay out your tray the night before. Mismatched items work really well, so don’t worry about getting everything matchy-matchy and just right. Rustic platters work wonders, so if you don’t have a tray then use a large chopping board, or serving platter.

Make as many of the food components in advance the day before and pop it all in the fridge so you can assemble them quickly in the morning. Look, the thing is, you could just buy the components. The thought and timing is what is key here.

We have an assortment of recipes you could pick from if  you’re after some ideas on what breakfast you can fill your platter up with. Breakfast would be perfectly topped off with a lovely glass bottle of spiced ice coffee (Ahem! Perhaps without the brandy kick for breakfast). Take a look through this gallery for more ideas.


We’re all busy every day and I certainly appreciate that. But should we be saving up special moments exclusively for a once-on-a-blue-moon occasion or just weekends? That’s kind of what we’re all programmed to do, but i’m trying to break myself out of that regiment. Not every day can be a thrill, but we owe it to ourselves to spread a little of the fun around the days of the week.

So I challenge you to prepare one midweek breakfast tray. Just try it out, it could become a little tradition in your household for that day of the week.

**** Updated 10th of September, 2013 ****

I found this gorgeous ceramic breakfast set at Kmart of all places. It was only $15 and the bamboo tray also from Kmart for $8 completes the most breakfast tray set up. The bird ornament is the Jardiniere Dove bought for $4.95 from the Papaya clearance sale. The greenery is a bunch of fresh cut herbs from my garden in glass pasta jar.

Bamboo Breakfast tray and ceramic set from Kmart

It just goes with our mantra that you don’t need a big budget for beautiful things and a bit of inspiration to your life…even on weekdays!

– Surangi

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