There’s a bar in my bookshelf!

I love my bookshelf bar

It’s true. I really, really do love my bookshelves. I have one or more in just about every single room in my house… and now my living room Ikea Besta shelf also houses a cosy little bar.

Adding a bar insert into bookshelves

Throughout our house are simple Ikea shelves that provide the perfect, functional backdrop for storing and displaying all our trinkets, photo framestravel treasuresvintage findsold books, new books… and I’m constantly stumbling upon new ways to add to them, re-organise them and style them up.

Styling bookshelves

Styling bookshelves

I was wandering around Ikea recently (no surprises there) to get yet another book shelf – this time for my little Maya’s play area chalkboard project… when a little shelf insert caught my eye and all my attention.

Ikea has a $30 insert that you can buy called the Inreda mirror/glass shelf that turns a section of your shelves into a little bar. I was able to instal it in under 5 minutes.

Ikea Inreda mirrored bar insertPhoto courtesy of

And just like that, I was able free up room in my kitchen cupboards by taking the glassware out. But more importantly, I was finally able to take our favourite bottles out of a cupboard and put them on display for easy access.

We’re lovers of spirits, but if you like your wines and want a more horizontal insert for your bottles, then there is also the Inreda bottle rack for $20 for up to 6 bottles. You can mount the bottle rack flat or in different titled positions and have more than one insert for a shelf section. Such a great idea to turn your shelves into a wine rack.

Photos courtesy of

Since you can use any section of your shelf, I’ve been able to put it up higher and out of reach of my adventurous little explorer. Suffice to say, the bottles being at eye level mean that they are getting used a lot more these days instead of withering away in a cupboard.

Adding a bar insert into a bookshelf - Ikea Inreda mirrored bar insert

Now our living room shelves look complete (well as complete as anything in my home can be, considering my constant need to reshuffle). Our little shelf-bar is nestled in a corner with my favourite armchair nearby and is the perfect spot to sink into for a nice drop and a good book.


Breaking news! (well, not exactly… but you know how I like to embellish). The Swedish giants of storage and all things efficient have made their way into my bookshelves yet again -they now also house a home office thanks to the Ikea Inreda pull out frame. For a mere $75, we’ve found a really comfy spot for our computer, printer and accessories – all the things that help make these H&D posts possible. It can also be used as a filing cabinet (I’ll remember that for down the track). Soon my bookshelves will be holding everything in my home… except… books!

Photo courtesy of

Ikea Inreda mirrored bar insert and pull-out frame

Oh and the proximity of the computer to the bar is just a happy coincidence. We do not endorse drink-typing!

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9 thoughts on “There’s a bar in my bookshelf!

  1. That is pretty darn fantastic. All three inserts actually. Nice to see ikea investing in the Besta shelves and getting extra creative with the additions.

    • Hey Melissa. We just used a drill bit that cuts out a nice smooth circle in the chipboard. shelf insert on the level the computer is resting on. You don’t need to drill anything else in the pull out frame or the Besta shelf because it is designed so that the wires can fit behind the panels from there down.

  2. hello!! I love the Besta file system idea too, but when I went to insert the recommended ikea files into the Intreda file frame, they did not fit — too short. I tried legal and A4, but no luck. Any chance you were able to make this work yet?? Thanks!!


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