Apartment Therapy; Storeroom to Man Cave

H&D recently renovated a whole apartment, and it really was creative therapy. By popular request, I’m going to take you through the before, the after and everything in between – one room at a time.

I started with the kitchen renovation in a previous post, and this post is dedication to a large, unconventional but oh-so-valuable space for an apartment to have – a basement storeroom that was crying out to become a useful space.


Apartment Therapy; Storeroom to Man Cave - games room, bar, lounge

So the task with this apartment was to renovate it for sale, meaning I couldn’t go overboard with the personalisation. Instead, it had to appeal to a range of potential buyers. It was a big lesson and exercise in creative restraint for me, however I knew how important it was to make this neglected area shine. It is such a valuable bit of space for an apartment to have. It’s large, it’s insulated and it has some natural light, power and ventilation – the perfect blank canvas.


Apartment Therapy; Storeroom to Man Cave - games room, bar, lounge

Apartment Therapy; Store room/basement to Man Cave - games room, bar, lounge

I worked with my builder to get the walls and floor prepped properly so that there was a smoother render to the brickwork. I didn’t want it completely smoothed over though, because I wanted to work with the industrial elements of the space and showcase brickwork, exposed pipes and other industrial elements.

The walls were then given a bright burst of white paint throughout to light up the area since natural light was limited. The shelves were painted white to blend into the space and the floor was given a hit of colour in a dark grey-blue tone called Ironstone to ground and encapsulate the area.

The light fixtures were changed to halogen spotlights to light up different zones and to give the room some modern, industrial edge. I have to say, changing the light fixtures made such a dramatic impact.

Next the styling – I picked up this retro sideboard for $25 from a second hand store and it made the perfect base for a wall feature of LP covers. I find LP covers so hilariously kitch and colourful. Some eras in time really did have the most random song titles and covers to match. I’ve become quite a fan of them and have quite a collection which I’ll be sharing with you all via the H&D online store opening in May. They just need some removable double sided tape to attach them to the wall and make some instant impact artwork.

Apartment Therapy; Storeroom to Man Cave - games room, bar, lounge

Next, a wine rack from ebay for $25 was a great find. It fits perfectly into that space and just needed a hit of black high gloss paint. A cluster of inexpensive glasses on top completed the little drinks zone well.

Apartment Therapy; Storeroom to Man Cave - games room, bar, lounge

A large, natural woven floor rug makes a space a little more cosy even without filling the area with furniture. In stark contrast to most of my styling projects, I had to hold off on filling the space with furniture so that potential buyers could imagine multiple uses for the space.

Apartment Therapy; Storeroom to Man Cave - games room, bar, lounge

I was told that most of the interested buyers were smitten with this area and the space really captured their imagination – a home theatre/media room, a bar, a lounge, craft room, children’s play room, gaming room, workshop, gym. The new owner had one such vision for this space and I’m happy to report that it is now a quintessential man cave, complete with a pool table and bar fridge! I’ll try and get a picture of his additions to share.

Moral of the story here, is that any space can be updated with a few easy steps. It doesn’t have to be a major renovation job, and you’ll be surprised how simple things like changing a lighting fixture, a splash of paint and some inexpensive character furniture can make such an impact. This room was the quickest to makeover and most inexpensive room in the entire apartment project, however the change was so dramatic.

More rooms from this apartment to come soon as I cover the lounge + dining room, bathroom, main bedroom, balcony and study in this H&D whole apartment makeover.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

If you would like some advice on styling or renovating your home, feel free to contact me. I’d love to help!

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