Sliding Doors: evolution of the wardrobe

As I look around the bedrooms of my house, I have to say that they are looking creatively nearly complete… probably to the point just before the rooms start looking cluttered (ask my husband and he will tell you that they past that point many items ago). However my stock-standard mirrored wardrobe doors are an area that I confess has been totally neglected from a creative perspective. And from a functional perspective I’ve often thought that the actual inside of the built-ins could be structured so much more effectively to help put some of the everyday clutter away.

I suspect I’m not alone, as most of us would see wardrobes more as a necessity, purely functional and like me you’ve probably never considered that they could be a part of the artistic landscape of your home. Well, we be wrong!

I was certainly guilty as charged. Until that is, the day that Peter at Raumplus (a Hillary & Dijon fan) got in touch. He recently arrived in Australia from Raumplus headquarters in Germany, to bring their innovative concept across. They make functional items like wardrobe sliding doors, storage solutions and room dividers into custom and vibrant works of art. It’s true… it is possible!

I’m so in love with these designs – the colours, prints, ability to customise them to your taste and space. I’ve got a few styling and renovation projects under my belt and wish I had known about Raumplus during those previous projects. But hey, never one to live in the past, I’ll definitely be keeping these designs in mind for future design jobs.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from their range:

Ideas for the bedroom and living areas ::


In the kitchen and under the stairs ::


Home office, study or business space ::


If you are making over your bedrooms, study, business, kitchen… you have to check these guys out. It’s such a worthy investment to make the most out of your space from a storage, functional AND artistic perspective. You really don’t need to invest in much more for the room when you have some of these designs making most of the high impact statement in your space.

Showroom:  (By appointment) The Alex building. 40 O’Riordan street (Crn of Collins Street), Alexandria. NSW 2015, Australia.
Call: +61 488 880 801 to arrange an appointment for a custom solution
Website: (international locations)

Do you know of a business that has a unique concept? If so, email me with the details or leave a suggestion below because I’d love to share it with our creative H&D community.


Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

2 thoughts on “Sliding Doors: evolution of the wardrobe

  1. Just stumbled across your website and I just had to stop and say “thanks”.
    It is such a beautiful and refreshing blog – one word comes to mind and that is “YUM”.

    Thanks for the inspiration and hope you don’t mind I pinned a few pics especially of these sliding doors – they are just beautiful.
    Lisa Jo 🙂


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