Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies

It seldom happens, but I was having some friends over for lunch today and totally forgot about dessert! Yes, me…I forgot dessert. But my reasonably well stocked kitchen came to my rescue once again. With the help of Selina’s Organic Pasties recipe.

From Selina’s Organic Vegetable Pasties recipe: Selina; Sweet Home - Organic Veggie Pasties

Her recipe was savoury, so I had to improvise. What I threw together was surprisingly really delicious. Actually, it’s not really that surprising since chocolate+banana+pastry is a heavenly combo. I think I was just more surprised that the finished product was so delish considering the haste it was thrown together with.

I took a look at the directions in Selina’s recipe and changed up the filling with some slices of organic banana and some pieces of organic chocolate.

Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies

I used chocolate from a slab (not cooking chocolate or melts) and it worked really well. I recently discovered this chocolate slab from an Aldi store that opened near me and it ticks all the boxes – taste, it’s fair trade, certified organic and great for cooking with.

As an aside, I’ve circumstantially not shopped at Aldi before. But with one now in close proximity, I’ll have to see what other gems like this I can find. If anyone is a more seasoned Aldi shopper, let me know what your favourite picks are and I’ll keep an eye out for them.

Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies - fair trade organic milk chocolate

The other slight variation from Selina’s recipe is that I cut the puff pastry sheets into squares and folded each parcel into a triangle (I couldn’t find my cookie cutter to make the circles). I also had to roll the edges up before the fork-pressing stage, to create more of a tightly sealed edge. This was an attempt to hold in as much of the chocolate that would be melting. Needless to say, the chocolate still found a way to ooze through and that’s all goodness too.


Once the parcels are made up, brush on some milk wash and bake in a preheated over for 15 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown. Hopefully you’ll have a bit more time on your hands when you make these than I had, so yours will end up looking a tad neater!

Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies

While it is still warm, serve it up with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a side of your favourite ice cream.

As with a few of my other recipes, the end result was not pictured because it was gobbled up by my guests before I could take a snap. When will I learn to take the photo before the dish reaches the dining table? But I’m sure you can imagine the cinnamon sprinkle on top and ice cream on the side. Though in this case I had to dollop my ice cream on top to hide these delicious but beastie looking things.

Come to think of it, Anjoli’s Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream would be quite a heavenly match for this!

Feasts and Treats; Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies

I’ll have to make another batch of these and the ice cream and let you know if the combo works as well in real life as it does in my mind. Do you have a recipe that you just threw together and worked out really well? Do share…

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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