Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies

I flipped Selina’s Organic Pasties recipe into a sweet treat by changing up the filling with slices of organic banana and pieces of organic chocolate.

Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies

I used chocolate from a slab (not cooking chocolate or melts) and it worked really well. I recently discovered this chocolate slab from an Aldi store that opened near me and it ticks all the boxes – taste, it’s fair trade, certified organic and great for cooking with.

Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies - fair trade organic milk chocolate

The other slight variation from Selina’s recipe is that I cut the puff pastry sheets into squares and folded each parcel into a triangle (I couldn’t find my cookie cutter to make the circles). I also had to roll the edges up before the fork-pressing stage, to create more of a tightly sealed edge. This was an attempt to hold in as much of the chocolate that would be melting. Needless to say, the chocolate still found a way to ooze through and that’s all goodness too.


Once the parcels are made up, brush on some milk wash and bake in a preheated over for 15 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown. Hopefully you’ll have a bit more time on your hands when you make these than I had, so yours will end up looking a tad neater!

Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies

While it is still warm, serve it up with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a side of your favourite ice cream.

Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies

Jam or raspberries together with white chocolate also works a well together.

– The Cloud9 Project

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