Weekend Markets: a treasure trove of unique finds

I’ve posted about my love of weekend markets before and I’m going to do it again and again. My local markets are an absolute treasure trove… and are fast become a Saturday morning ritual in my household.

I found loads more vintage, preloved, antique and upcycled items that I just can’t get enough of. I won’t make this post very word-heavy. Just take a look at all the pictures and hopefully they inspire you to get out and about one weekend morning to stroll through your local markets too.

For the kitchen

I’m still annoyed at myself for not getting these old scales. What a gorgeous buy for the kitchen. Sure, I can’t remember the last time I actually needed to weigh anything, but they would look oh so cute on my counter top.

Masculine finds

Yes blokes, the markets are not just full of feminine trinkets. Check out these masculine market finds for all your home office, study, drinks tray, and other man cave decorating needs!

Getting crafty

I WILL be back for some of these wooden block stamp letters and a typewriter. I’m fairly certain that just having them scattered around the house will give me a few ideas on what to do with them. And that right there is some insight into my hoarding ways – buy things now in the hope that they will get used later. But the reality is, unlike other forms of retail therapy, when you’re shopping for vintage items you really do need to buy what you like because you may not stumble upon anything quite like it again.


No matter what weekend markets you go to, you’re bound to get a stall or two dedicated to plants – herbs, succulents, fruits trees, vegetables… and all at some very reasonable prices. I pick up my herb seedlings from the markets because they have always grown better than nursery varieties. This time around I also saw some great outdoor decorator and furniture items that were nice and compact so those of us who are apartment dwellers can fit them into our balconies and and courtyards.


Everything kind of falls into this category anyway wherever you look across the span of the market. I especially love these versatile original softdrink delivery crates and the coffee tables made from upcycled crates. I wrote down the contact details of the guy that makes these, but I can’t find them. When I do find the details, I’ll post them here for anyone that is interested in a custom coffee table. I think they look great. So does this metal vintage truck which has a great mix of faded colour… and the clusters of old glass bottles in gorgeously faded colours.

Weekend Markets: a treasure trove of unique finds - coca cola memorabilia and other vintage finds make for great decorating pieces


A range of lovely fabrics, handmade and knitted items and some interesting bags, shoes and jewellery. I spotted a nice up-cycling of a hessian bag which has been recycled from a sack. And I love these retro vinyl airline bags – if I see any more the next time I go to the markets, I’ll pick up a few for the that is opening in two weeks time. So if you like these, keep an eye out.


How cute would these old, victorian locks and door knobs be as a housewarming gift?


Freshly ground coffee, fresh juices, organic breads and lamb skewers cooked over hot coals. The markets are no longer a shabby affair, it’s becoming quite gourmet with loads of rustic foodie charm. The delish smells of freshly cooking food wafts through the air at all times, so it’s best not to eat prior because you’ll just be having a second breakfast.

So considering I started the post off by saying I wouldn’t write too much, I sure have packed a lot in. I can’t help it, I really do have a sweet spot for the markets. 

The pictures in this post are from the Rozelle markets on Darling Street in Rozelle (inner west, Sydney). They are open Saturday and Sundays from 9am till 4pm, so if you’re in the area then you should definitely drop by. You may see me there!

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

12 thoughts on “Weekend Markets: a treasure trove of unique finds

    • Thanks Diego. I try and keep posts as gender neutral as possible, but I confess that I was overdue for some more masculine market items to balance out the multitude of feminine bits and pieces like floral tea cups 🙂 S

    • Hi Lisa, they really are great fun. If you see something you like in my markets photos, let me know and I can keep an eye out for you the next time I take a stroll there. Hopefully your local markets open up soon… and when they do, feel free to share some photos of the favourite things you find there with us. S

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