Dream Factory: industrial decorating ideas

If there is one style that captures my imagination, it is definitely the industrial look – it has so much urban edge yet also manages to exude warmth through aged woods and worn textures. I love the character of this look and when it is executed well, each item or cluster of items just seem to look like they have a story to tell.

Dream Factory: industrial decorating ideas

I love the multitude of metals – both shiny mirror finishes and in rusted, aged patinas. The weathered woods, worn leather sofas (tan-coloured to be specific), pops of colour (yellows paired with greys in particular) on neutral backdrops (and the other way around), clusters of cushions that have vintage or art deco prints, statement armchairs and ottomans with quotes or a scripted design. Just about everything is on castors, and is bold, solid and functional…  I love it all.

The scale of just about everything – clocks, artwork, posters, ornaments, cushions, vases – can be exaggerated and enlarged. The bolder, the better with this particular look. There are no delicacies and subtleties to consider when creating some industrial swagger.

Lighting is never subtle with industrial chic, it’s always bold and punchy – Beacon Lighting has a small but high impact range of enormous bulb pendant lights which make a statement when off or on. For the size of the bulb you would expect a glaring glow, however the light out of these is beautifully ambient.

For Industrial furniture and decorator items, Freedom Furniture and Oz Design Furniture have a particularly great range of some very affordable reproductions. You’ll find many home wares and furniture stores have this theme in style at the moment – which stores do you think carry off the look well?

However for the real thing (genuine factory items from all over the world) you can’t go past stores like Duck Egg Blue in Balmain (one of my all-time favourite furniture stores) where the selection will just blow you away. Sure the price tag will too… but hey, consider it an investment.

Dream Factory: decorating with industrial accents like clocks and large pendant light fixtures

Here’s a collection of other industrial bits and pieces – from my own home, the local markets, styling projects I’ve worked on (like the Newtown and Chatswood balcony transformations), industrial pieces I’ve transformed and up-cycled into furniture, and snippets and from places I’ve been in to locally in Australia and around the world.

The Grounds, Alexandria - mason jar pendant light fixtures

Do you have an interesting industrial item or know of a good place to buy some? Leave a comment below, I’d love more ideas.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

12 thoughts on “Dream Factory: industrial decorating ideas

  1. Thank you for the lovely feature. It was great to meet you and we love your website. Please pop in again any time. H&D are always welcome – The Team at Duck Egg Blue, Balmain

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