Showcase: 10 kitchen essentials from Provincial Home Living

I’ve been flicking through home and lifestyle magazines for many years now, and if you’ve done the same, you would have inevitably seem some of the gorgeous items by Provincial Home Living that have been featured in the country’s top publications. They are one of my favourite furniture and home wares sources in Australia and have a great range of some locally designed pieces with that touch of rustic, French charm that I just adore.

Many, many hours of dedicated magazine perusing has really come full circle for me and I’m totally elated to be collaborating with PHL to bring you this post, highlighting some of their gorgeous kitchenwares.

So here it is, my list of the top ten items that are kitchen essentials – sure, a few items not on this list may be ever-so-slightly more mandatory in the kitchen (like appliances, knives, can openers), but most of us are pretty stocked up on those… so I’m going to have fun with this and take the opportunity to highlight the things that I feel turn functional kitchens into warm, inviting spaces for effortless entertaining.

1. Glass and Tin Clusters

There will always be a use for glass jars and tins in the kitchen. For flour, rice, pasta, relishes, cookies – fill them up and cluster different sizes and heights to create cute and functional displays.

Try wrapping the top of a jar in some fabric and tie is with some thread, add a label and your everyday kitchen creations (like this lemon curd) will make the sweetest gifts.


2. Chalkboard Paint

I’m a big fan of using chalkboard paint around the home, and in the kitchen is no exception. I love the idea of creating a big, dark backdrop for everything from scribbling down favourite quotes, quick messages as you rush out the door, to-do items and lists to menus and recipes.

Mood boards have the same effect and you can prop up your favourite recipe cards, shopping lists, postcards. Wooden crates with chalkboard labels help sort items when stacked and you can rub out and change up the label easily as needed.

10 kitchen essentials from Provincial Home Living

10 kitchen essentials from Provincial Home Living

3. Mismatched Napery

Two easy mistakes to make on this front: 1. having tea towels, napkins, table cloths, table runners, and placemats in exactly the same print or colour is way too matchy-matchy. Instead, try mixing up different colour shades in different textures or patterns. 2. Having ‘busy’ prints on both the napery and crockery makes a setting way too loud. Try mixing textured, patterned and coloured napery, but leave the crockery crisply white (or the other way around).

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 2.24.29 PM


4. Herbs and Flowers

Whether they are store bought fresh herbs and flowers or you grow your own, have some on display scattered around your kitchen in bunches and plant pots. You’ll end up using the herbs in more dishes when they are at close reach, and combined with the flowers, they will make your kitchen smell divine and look organically fresh.


5. Cute Cutlery and Crockery

This is stating the obvious as cutlery and crockery are clearly essentials. But the key element here is “cute”, and not stock-standard. Look around my blog and you’ll see that I am a little smitten with green tones at the moment, and that has made its way into my collection of bowls and plates. But even a set in white doesn’t have to be boring – the simplest of embellishments look great against white like an embossed pattern or simple lines for a subtle point of difference.

Oh, and always use your nice crockery. So many of us have an ‘everyday’ set and a ‘special occasion’ set. I say “bah!” to that. I have one really nice set and use it always (same goes for cutlery)… make every day a special occasion.


6. High Tea Time

You may not consider this an essential per say, however it is in my home. When you know someone is dropping by and you don’t have time to create an elaborate spread, you’ll be surprised at how your regular biscuits, fruits and cakes can look oh-so adorably delectable when placed on some mismatched plates, platters and cake stands. Accompany these with a pretty tea set and a freshly brewed tea and you’ve created a effortless high tea spread.


7. Seasonal Display

Achieve the instant, organic cheer of a morning at a farmer’s market by putting seasonal fruit and veg on on display. Out with the boring fruit bowl and in with some tiered beauties like these. They are just so versatile and rustic, and can also double up as stands for the sweet treats in a high tea spread. If you’re after a more masculine touch and pretty, little, delicate platters aren’t your thing, this metal tiered stand would be a perfect alternative.

A large, eco friendly, reusable shopping bag or basket should always be within close proximity for gathering your seasonal goods (even if they are from the grocery store and not the markets).

10 kitchen essentials from Provincial Home Living


8. Kitchen Candles

Don’t exclude your kitchen from the lovely, wafting scents of your favourite candle. Like myself, you may find that you love the scent more when combined with cooking aromas. Try it, it’s hard to explain… but the scent in candles, combined with food smells from the the kitchen just seems to be a heavenly combination.

Plus, candles really do the edge off some of the more intense smelling kitchen productions. These lanterns on a branch in the kitchen would be a lovely feature for some scented candle bliss.


9. A Touch of Vintage

I’m more accustom to going overboard with vintage flair, however in the kitchen, all you need is a nice vintage plate, platter or print to add some time-worn charm to the space. These vintage prints add the perfect amount of additional warmth. Your kitchen will love some art just like the rest of your house.


10. Cheese Platter

My favourite form of appetiser, entree and drinks accompanyment is the cheese platter. Invest in a big cheese platter and scatter some cheese, bread, dips and olives on – a lovely platter will do all the hard work for you and make your spread look fabulous. Every kitchen should have one, and I’m just smitten with these rustic, round platters.


Thank you to Provincial Home Living for providing the lovely photos for this post and all the kitchen inspiration that they have sparked. You can check out their full range of home furnishings and wares through their Catalogue, Online Store and Style Journal.

I very much look forward to reviewing more from their gorgeous range soon!

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