Everyday Runway: Tights as pants? Yes, you can.

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The first thing I realised about myself as I travelled through ‘merica is something you NEED to know about me. I’m more Venice Beach than Manhattan, more Brooklyn hipster than LA glamazon, and I’d take a dingy Bushwick bar over wine and cocktails – most days. So for those into high fashion and haute couture, this post may not be for you.

Having said that, New York is undeniably a fashion mecca. If you can think of it, then I guarantee it has been worn on the streets of Manhattan, and probably worn well.

Which is why, while I was there, I committed a fashion sin that I REFUSE to apologise for. And with winter well on it’s way in Sydney, following suit will help you get through the ‘frumpy’ months.

The clothing commandment that was broken? Thou shalt not wear tights as pants.

I know what you’re thinking: faux pants = faux pas. But the thing is, with both runways and sidewalks being trafficked by women clad in second skins-come-pants, it is now impossible to ignore the simple fact that tights can look good. You see them everywhere, and you feel guilty for wanting to wear them. I know… I’ve been in that position. I’ve harboured resentment against those women who are comfortable not-quite-baring all. Thankfully, I’ve shed my inhibitions, thanks to a few nifty little websites.

One look at Brisbane-based label Black Milk Clothing is all any woman needs to convince her that this fashion commandment was made to be broken (and another look will strike fear into the heart of your bank account). The prices here are a tad steep, but there is no doubt that founder James Lillis knows the way to a girl’s heart is through her pants. Black Milk offers free next-day delivery if your order is over $200. You should also check out British company Lovelysally, which provides a cheaper alternative but in a fewer number of styles. Everyday Runway: wearing tights as pants - Wet Look Leggings - blackmilkPhoto courtesy of blackmillclothing.com


Worn with an oversized shirt, or a long-sleeved blouse, tights can be dressed up or down. Black Milk’s ‘wet look’ tights are the perfect way to cover up for winter, while still looking glam for a night out. A common misconception is that tights and body shapes that sit outside the stick-thin model zone are mutually exclusive – not so. If you’re still nervous about baring all in tights, remember that you can cover your ass – by literally covering your ass. Long shirts help to hide those bulges (which we all have).

Speaking of shirts, you may have seen the television ads for another British company boohoo.com. I won’t lie, this shopping experience may drive you insane (I once made an accidental $200+ purchase on a whim… and by once, I mean yesterday). However, what you get for your money is loads of clothes, delivered free anywhere in Australia, in under eight working days. And this store is a great place to buy the perfect shirt or blouse to complement those tights. There are always sale items available, and they are amazingly cheap. As always, with online shopping, double check the sizing guide, although Australian and UK sizes tend to match.

By far, my favourite thing about tights these days is that with so many prints and colours to choose from, they are a great way to express yourself. I LOVE that I haven’t worn jeans in at least three months. Do me a favour and if you haven’t already, try out some tights-as-pants BEFORE you judge this look. You might find you’ll never want to wear ‘real’ pants again! Everyday Runway: wearing tights as pants Photo courtesy of lovelysally.com 

P.S If the internet has taught me anything, it is the motto that bloggers live by: ‘pics or it didn’t happen’. Send us a favourite pic of you working tights as pants to hillarydijon@hotmail.com, or post them to the H&D Facebook page. Men, this includes you… because we all know real men wear tights.

Everyday Runway: wearing tights as pants

– Indi. (Special shout-out to my tights-wearing soul sister Lana Cavey!)

Everyday Runway; Fashion Columnis

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