Beach House Inspiration

During every other season, I find my thoughts drifting to warm Summer beach days (much like during sweltering summer days when my mind wanders to snuggly, cold winter moments).

No matter the season, most of us have a fondness for seascapes and happy holidays in the sand and surf. So whether you’re living coastal or an inland dweller, get your nautical gear together and while away the days in some sea-inspired surrounds.

Some like to take a direct interpretation and decorate with shells and star fish… but I prefer to take a more subtle approach by using beachy textures and hues instead of an overtly literal translation.

The key is to have fun with it, and where possible, mix mainstream and functional store-bought items with bits and pieces that you’ve picked up from seaside holidays – directly from the beach or markets and thrift shops in the area.

I know it’s a tad dorky, but I collect a pebble from every holiday we go on. I write the date and location on with a marker and pop them all into a large glass jar. The little, sentimental elements and personal pieces really do add warmth to decorating and entertaining and as corny as it sounds, it’s a jar of memories.

So here are three photo galleries of all my favourite beach house inspirations. The photos are a combination of bits and pieces from my personal collection, places I’ve been to and things some of my favourite stores… so sit back and enjoy these summery H&D vignettes!

A collage of my favourite beachy finds – cushions clusters, mismatched glass bottles, weathered woods, blues and greens, rusted items, woven basketsyellows and greys… some of my very favourite decorating things. 

Some of my favourite seaside holiday destinations – a summer holiday is always a good idea!  

Table and place settings and centrepieces make for a perfect seafood feast.


Hope you all enjoy all the fun that the warmer months bring! xx

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

11 thoughts on “Beach House Inspiration

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