Showcase: Getting the exotic balance just right with Papaya

When I’m home styling, I always find that the exotic-ethnic-tribal look is a tough balancing act. one bold piece can create a gorgeous statement, or it can look really out of place. Multiple exotic items together can look harmonious, or just too loud and jarring. But when exotic wares have an understated and elegant earthiness, they give off a certain aura that projects an ancient, timeless soul …and the perfect balance is created.

So I bring you my next showcase store and my absolute favourite place for picking up the most chic of exotic wares: Papaya.

The Papaya style blend definitely stikes a chord with many – their wares have been featured in all the top home and lifestyle magazine, they are a favourite with the best home stylists and their range featured in many publications (most recently in a delicious looking spread in Donna Hay Magazine).

I was lucky enough to be able to go straight to ‘the source’ and get some insight directly from Robyn Connelly – the Founder of Papaya:

Showcase: Getting the exotic balance just right with Papaya Homewares

“We try to keep a balance between the understated clarity of contemporary design and the unspoiled beauty of natural materials. To this end we search for pieces that are timelessly elegant and, where possible, hand-crafted from sustainable, natural materials”.

Showcase: Getting the exotic balance just right with Papaya Homewares

“We work closely with artisans from around the globe to create two home collections and a Christmas collection each year – and it won’t matter when you shop with us as every Papaya piece will transcend traditional seasons and current trends. We have guests who still ask for items we produced ten years ago. Indeed, some of our products have been produced continuously since we started in 1996 and are a testament to the timeless nature of our designs”

I’m chuffed to be working with Papaya to bring you my pick of favourite items from their range. These particular pieces remind me of travels to palaces and ancient ruins in India, cliff top zen temples in Japan… and of future holidays I’d like to spend discovering little hidden gems in places like Marrakech.

When I lived around the corner from the Papaya Bondi Junction store, I practically lived… well, in their store. I remember the Christmas I fell in love with them in 2011 – their darling little festive displays and fairy lights just caught my eye. I’d pop over to the Westfields shopping centre to pick up a few groceries and I’d go back home with a scented candle, amazing throw, divinely scented soaps (well technically they are groceries too) and a very sheepish grin . Now I have to travel a tad further to get my fix, but I’m just as much a devotee to this dreamy home wares haven.

If you’d like to see for yourself, then do try and drop into one of their stores. If you don’t have a store local, then some of their range is available through their eStore too.

I’m looking forward to bringing you more beautiful wares from Papaya, including a feature on their seascape inspired and children’s range… but in the meantime, make sure you leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite Papaya item is.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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