Home with Heart: Delhi

At Hillary & Dijon, we love nothing more than taking a peek into the homes of creative people – homes with lots of warmth, heart and soul.

We bring you the next ‘H&D Home With Heart‘ all the way from Delhi in India, where amongst all the hustle and bustle of this huge city, we found a tranquil apartment that is a world away from the chaos that surrounds it… and this home has a very, very sweet centre!

Smita and her son Jai reside here along with their little silky terrier Hershey. As well as being a gorgeous home, the apartment is also HQ for Cupcake and Co – a boutique bakery started by Smita after her recent graduation as a Pastry Chef from Paris’ Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.

So it was no surprise that we walked into her home to the waft of sweet treats baking away, piles and piles of glorious cooking books and an excitement in the air as her orders streamed in for the most scrumptiously decadent of cupcake & pastry combinations. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the smell of cakes baking is a recipe for instant homeliness.

While Smita busied herself with baking, I got free reign to wander around her apartment (a sweet treat in one hand, camera in the other).

The living room was bathed in sunlight streaming in through her big, bay window and creating natural spotlights on a medley of amazing, exotic home wares… gathered from travels around the world.

The gorgeous backdrop of the avocado green feature wall creates a tranquil and organic anchor to the room and allows bursts of colour to highlight the space – the blue and green cushion clusters, fresh white flowers, the bright purple coffee table book (one of Smita’s favourite cook books).

The dominating industrial floor lamp adds a theatrical element to the room and the amazing travel photography by Husain Akbar from Pixpeditions looks great propped up on an easels.

Home with Heart: Delhi - elegant hall table and sheer curtains

Smita worked with a carpenter to design custom shelves for the multitude of cook books in her home office, as well as designing bar shelves for bottles and glasses. The carpentry is so simple, yet the designs are streamlined and work so well in their respective spaces. Similarly, the ottoman and window seat cushions in the living room have been custom upholstered to suit the space perfectly.

We’re all so accustom to buying off the shelf, but it really does pay (stylistically) to design some items specifically for your space. So if you find a carpenter, upholsterer or other trade that does a good job and you work well as a team, hold onto them because once you’ve created a piece you love, you’ll find process of designing custom pieces very addictive.

A love of flowers seems to be a common theme with the homes we feature, and this home was no exception with a mix of colourful blooms and posies in white.

Jai’s bedroom hinted at a 10 year old with an adventurous, worldly spirit just like his Mum.

I asked Smita what she loved most about her home:

Home with Heart: Delhi

A big thanks to Jai and Smita for sharing your beautiful apartment with H&D… and if you require any taste testers for cupcake creations, don’t hesitate to ship some over to H&D’s headquarters in sunny Sydney!

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

Do you have or know of a home with lots of heart and soul? If so, contact us or leave a comment below and it could be featured as our next ‘home with heart’.



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