Showcase: Top3 By Design – quirky and whimsical fun

We love a little bit of colour and sense of fun for gift giving and for around the home. We often visit Top3 By Design for at least one whimsical piece for every home styling project that we work on. They support a great range of local and international designers and designs that are a little less mainstream.

Here are some of our photos of favourite pieces from their current range… enjoy!

Escape from the serious home ware essentials and indulge in a well made and innovative little piece for your home or as a very unique gift – something that blurs the line between functionality and pure design prowess!

Top3 By Design
“Whether you visit us in store where we invite you to touch, play and explore or browse the collection online where you can view videos, read designer profiles or pop over to our Facebook page for a daily design news fix or to upload photos of your latest purchase, we hope you enjoy the results of our research”.
Visit in person  |  Online Store  |  Facebook

So what is our top pick? It’s a close choice between the wooden sound dock and headphones (just oozes some chilled out swagger)… but our top choice would have to be the squirrel nut cracker. Sure, we haven’t needed to actually crack any nuts for a while now (if ever), but what a sweet literal connection it makes between it’s purpose and design. Love it. Got to have it!

Showcase: Top3 By Design - quirky and whimsical giftware and home decor fun

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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