Highlights from the Papaya warehouse clearance sale

The words “clearance sale” often conjures up imagery of being pushed and elbowed out of the way as shoppers grab at sometimes shabby and limited stock – most of the time it isn’t even worth the scuffle and it’s only the momentum of the sale atmosphere that even keeps the frenzy alive. In stark contrast, the Papaya warehouse sale was a very civilised affair and yet there were many, many genuinely great bargains to be picked up. And not one pokey elbow or hasty grab in the whole process!

We were lucky to have Papaya offer our creative community a VIP-only invite to the sale prior to it being open to the public, and didn’t some of you take advantage of it. I certainly picked up quite a loot for my personal collection and for numerous home, event and outdoor styling projects I have coming up. I picked up an entire boot full of the most beautiful homewares… all for under $200. Elated doesn’t even begin to cover my love for the items I picked up and I do foresee a visit or two more before the sale ends on the 15th of September.

Papaya warehouse clearance sale

Papaya Homewares and Hillary and Dijon - VIP only sales even Thursday 5ht of September

The happy and helpful team there were beaming just as much as the shoppers, so there was definitely a lot of homewares excitement in the air all around.

Highlights from the Papaya warehouse clearance. Flood Street, Leichhardt

Take a look at the highlights of some of my favourite pieces from the sale:

Hands down, the most elegant and unique lighting around. They really blur the lines between being sculptures, art installations and yet ambiently functional too. The only problem is that the clustered light displays just look so complete, that you may not be able to resist buying just one.

Very affordable decorator items in a range of muted tones. Very earthy indeed, especially the aged looking vases and pottery that had a very ancient “Pompei-ness” to them. I bought three in mismatched sizes and have some crafty plans in mind for blending them in with my living room colour scheme. Will keep you posted.

The blue hues together with the driftwood pieces are perfect for some beach inspired decorating as we head into the warmer months.

There’s just something about the Papaya range of soft toys that makes kiddies go a little mushy and in doing so, brings out the extra cluckiness in the rest of us.

My little Maya (homewares aficionado in the making) had an instant connection with one Papaya teddy bear which she promptly named “Boo” and has kept at close range ever since she cast her eyes on him. It was very sweet to see that kind of ‘love at first sight’, especially considering I thought I had noticed her growing out of her teddy phase at the ripe old age of 19 months!

Festive Season
If you are organised enough to get your christmas decorating and gifting done well in advance, then this is the place for you to pick up some real bargains before the festive season rush (yes, we’re already talking about Christmas… isn’t this year just flying by??). They have the sweetest ornaments… the porcelain reindeer caught my eye in particular. What lovely ornaments for any time of the year.

My loot
I couldn’t call myself a home stylist if I didn’t walk out of that sale with an item or two to practice what I blog. However, I went a tad overboard and picked up a boot full. It’s all for the sake of research of course! Over the next few weeks, I’ll show you all the lovely items and my medley of vignettes ideas using the pieces. In the meantime, I have to show you these post-sale-hastly-assembled clusters. I found a home for my vintage camera in a one-off Papaya sample – a gorgeous apothecary dome with a wooden base and top. It has to be one of the most favourite items in my house at the moment. It’s going to be used within an inch of it’s life throughout many different styling project.

Maya and I had an absolute blast. We’re actually going back again this week to pick up more toys for some of her and her little buddies. She was less than impressed with my need to peruse every inch of the store (notice the scowl forming in the picture below?), but Boo her new Papaya teddy, kept her toddler temper somewhat in check.

Highlights from the Papaya warehouse clearance. Flood Street, Leichhardt

It was lovely to meet some of you there and hopefully these photos have enticed the rest of you to head over there and pick up one or two bargains .. or boot full!

Oh and if you haven’t already joined us on Facebook, the time is now. Get on there and enter our competition to win this fab Papaya home fragrance pack from their new Damask range.

Hillary and Dijon Papaya fragrance promotion - Damask range (clove blossom and merlot scent)

Good luck for this competition and many more we have coming up in our September of giveaways!

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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