Showcase: Beautiful ceramics at Belong Store

Every so often, you stumble upon a business that takes your breath away. Belong Store did just that – they have the most gorgeous range of ceramics and linens and we just had to find out more about their story.

Belong Store: beautiful ceramics and napery

Belong Store is the creation of Alex and Ksenia, a husband and wife team. They are both originally from Russia and now call Australia home. Ksenia had always had an obsession with all things unique for the kitchen, so they decided to take the obsession to the next level.

We only sell the things that would make you smile with you hold them.    We only sell things that would make you smile when you hold them
Alex and Ksenia: Creators of Belong Store

They searched high and low for unique, beautiful and meaningful wares in a market that they found was overflowing with unthoughtful and poorly made pieces.

They decided to be the change they wanted to see, and started their journey to bring unique kitchenwares to Australia. Definitely not mass-produced, cheap imports – they were driven by a passion. Determined to stay true to their path, they decided to find wares that were designed and made with love by talented artisans.

Soulful suppliers still exist in this mass-produced world we live in, and Belong Store has found an amazing group of them from around the world, including the USA, Canada, South Africa, Japan and Europe. Some of them are single person operations and the rest are small teams of three to five.

This duo are not about to get lazy with their selection and are always on the lookout for more beautiful wares from artisans locally and globally. They put particular emphasis on keeping their range fresh and exciting for all the loyal customers that keep coming back for more.

Their philosophy is one that is very much in tune with ours at H&D: when you have beautiful, homely, happy and soulful things surrounding you in your kitchen (and home), you find that everyday tasks seem a little less mundane. With some effort placed on table settings, serving ware and napery, meals become feasts. New friends are made around the dinner table and the company of family and cherished friends are enjoyed more often.

Belong Store: beautiful ceramics and napery

Proudly, they share with us:
We only sell things that would make you smile when you hold them
They want their wares to be functional and for the people using them to really appreciate the efforts the artisans put into producing their pieces. Their vision for their wares extends beyond sourcing and selling them… they want their wares to inspire people to want to cook more at home, invite friends over and entertain with heart.

Here are some of our favourites from their range:

We love Belong Store even more for their green conscience. They strive to make sure the production and functionality of their pieces have minimal impact on the environment. Like these fabulous hand painted thermal travel mugs. They are made of double walled ceramic to keep your tea and coffee extra toasty. The idea with these beautiful creations is that we can all live a little greener and still enjoy our guilty caffeine pleasures. Just take one of these mugs along with you to your favourite coffee shop and get them to fill it with your regular brew. If you have a regular coffee, imagine how much plastic and paper you will save on throughout the year!

Belong Store: beautiful ceramics and napery

On the topic, the lovely team at Belong Store are taking part in our September of Giveaways which we are running through our Facebook page: If you haven’t already, make sure you head over there and keep an eye out for the competition. Two of our Facebook followers will have the chance to win their choice of travel mug from the gorgeous selection.

Belong Store and Hillary Dijon: beautiful ceramics and napery - September Facebook Giveaway

Belong Store: beautiful ceramics and napery

A big thanks to Alex and Ksenia for sharing their lovely concept with us. We love your selection, your philosophy and we applaud you for bringing your passion to life!

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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