Street Art with Swagger

We love the extra bit of swagger that street art and interesting streetscapes add to a locale. For example, we took this photo in Newtown (Sydney) this morning – we love that the parked cars are the same colour scheme as the artwork. The artwork adds so much character to the side of a plain, old building.

Street art in Newtown Sydney

And we are going to be on the lookout for great street art over the next few weeks. If you see anything interesting on a drive or stroll, make sure you take a pic: shop fronts, posters, signs, buildings, houses, artwork… anything that you think looks interesting, poignant, fun.

We’ll be announcing the competition in two weeks on our Facebook page at Our favourite pic will be featured on the blog, our Facebook page and Twitter and there will be a great little prize pack for it too! (posted within Australia only).

Share this on to anyone you think may be interested. And happy snapping!



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