Spring Harvest Entertaining

Spring is certainly in the air here at H&D headquarters in Sydney. The farmer’s markets throughout the city are full of the freshest produce, flowers, homemade relishes, jams and a bounty of other lovely things.

We love our local markets, and always prefer to wander through them on a weekend morning rather than wrestle with a trolley through the crowds at the supermarket… and ever since our H&D guest writer Selina featured decorating from the veggie patch, we’ve been seeing our produce in a new light.

We love the whole, earthy process of picking up fresh Spring produce, decorating with it and then cooking up a storm with them later. We’re all about minimising wastage and trying to live a little greener!

Take a look at some of our decorating ideas and our three simple steps for throwing together the perfect Spring feast.

The platter
Start with a great base. A cheese board, a large wood chopping board, a big glass patter, a serving tracy or something like this fabulous platter which we picked up from the Papaya sale we went to recently. And these cheese boards from Provincial Home Living are also some of our absolute favourites.

Just about anything that is large and flat is perfect. Here are some more ideas for platters from some of our favourite places:

Or you could even make your own like this old frame we repurposed into a tray.

Up-cycled Glamour; The Vintage Mirror Effect - Turning an old framed picture into a mercury glass candle holder

The Produce
Source some fruits and veggies from your local farmer’s markets and scatter them on the platter and throughout your entertaining space. Pumpkins and root vegetables (with the greenery still attached) like baby carrots, radishes and beets work really well… but anything goes so just play around with them and have fun with it.

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 9.41.30 AM
With the weather warming up, we like to keep our entertaining spreads to light and fresh bites instead of full and heavy meals. Serve up your favourite dips, crackers, breads, cold meats, pickles and finger foods. Throw in some fresh homemade sangria and scatter some of your favourite wines and other drinks around the table in ice buckets.

Here are some of our favourites things to serve up – and they are all quick, simple and delicious. After all, who wants to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen when there is great weather and company to enjoy?!

Entertaining during Spring is just a dream! So make the most of the great produce on offer and serve up a Spring Harvest Feast. Email us with photos of your entertaining spread and we’ll feature it here. And if you’re after some more entertaining ideas, check out our RECIPES category.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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