A Fast Forward to the Festive Season

Sure, it has only just clicked over to October and we may be jumping the festive queue a little, but we simply must show you a preview of IKEA’s Christmas range.

The Ikea 2013 Christmas Range.

Ikea’s Christmas range gets cuter every year. They get the mix right by recreating the vintage charm of yesteryear whilst paying homage to their nordic roots. And they serve it all up at very affordable prices (so you can keep the big bucks for all the presents and entertaining you’ll be splurging on instead. Ho-Ho-Hurrah!).

Take a look at our favourite items from a special preview of the 2013 Ikea Christmas range… and why not start your journey of festive inspiration a little early this year.

Our festive adventures have only just begun and we look forward to bringing you a whole medley of the best festive pieces for your home, gifts, entertaining, travel and beyond! If you know of a great place for Christmas gifts and decorations, leave a comment below with the details. We’d love to hear from you.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi


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