Newtown Good Food Markets

Sydney doesn’t get much better than this: a hot, sunny day with a cool breeze, street food by some of the city’s best restaurants, sitting on milk crates and eating off repurposed wooden pallet tables in Newtown Square. Sangria served by the jug, a live band playing, bunting across the trees (many would have missed this particular point, but I happen to think it an essential)… and did I mention the food? Oh the food!

Street Food Fun in Sydney - Newtown good food markets

This was not the normal markets medley, but an array of the most delicious morsels of well cooked, beautifully presented and absolutely scrumptious food, drink… and don’t even get me started on the desserts.

Highlights from the day
I tried to capture all the main details and small touches that made the event such a soulful occasion – from showcasing the great, freshly cooked food on display, to the eco friendly plates and cutlery the dishes were served up with.

Top five favourite picks
It was a so difficult to pick favourites with everything being genuinely delicious, but here is my pick based on originality and of course the amazing flavour combinations.

1. Crumbed pork belly from Kuki Tanuki (still drooling about this dish!)
2. Tobacco smoked chicken wings from Miss Peaches Soul Food Kitchen
3. Pulled Pork Pizza from Bloodwood
4. Watermelon and Rosewater ice from Twelve
5. Pumpkin mousse with marscapone and amaretti crumb by Rubyos

Looking forward to bringing you highlights from the many more markets we plan to venture through in Sydney this Summer. It’s a tough gig, but someone’s got to do it… and we’re happy to suffer through each food market just to bring you all the highlights. We’re so dedicated like that!

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi


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