Pre-opening of Anvil Coffee Co

There’s a certain energy in the air when an idea is being put into action – the atmosphere is electric with creativity. It was just that at the pre-opening of :: ANVIL COFFEE CO :: at Kirribilli wharf in Sydney. We were invited along to take some pictures and try out the coffee while the Anvil team were busy putting the final touches on their fabulously transformed space.

What they had achieved even in this pre-opening stage was simply breathtaking. We joked that they “could have chosen a better location”. The cafe is right on the water at the commuter wharf. Water views across the harbour are expansive and we had a front row seat to the events of the Navy International Fleet Review event on that day.

Kirribilli has some of the most luxurious property in the country, stunning views of the harbour and even the Prime Minister’s residence. There is a close-knit community in the area and a great village vibe. During the short time we were there, so many supportive locals popped in to say hi and have a chat. The lure of the freshly ground coffee guided everyone through the door and once they were in, all we heard were encouraging comments accompanied by marvelled expressions at how the team had totally transformed the once dilapidated space.

The trio at Anvil are all-hands-on-deck. They didn’t use an interior designer, they didn’t have a cafe consultant… they just worked hard towards putting their ideas into action each step of the way, and what they have managed to achieve is nothing short of amazing.


Take a look at our highlights from the day:

We love

  • That the interior was built using an majority of repurposed, recycled and handmade items. There is warmth and homeliness to the space that makes you feel like it has been there forever, yet all the modern convenience have been considered to make it a comfortable place to unwind.
  • The views are stunning and have been given a lot of consideration. The windows open out to the water and even on the hot, sunny day that we visited them, the space was just so fresh.
  • The coffee was divine. We often review places at Cloud9 and great coffee rates high on our list. We can be quite picky about our coffee, but their unique blend (by a local roaster called Fat Poppy Speciality Coffee) is a perfectly smooth brew.
  • The team really do make you feel at home. They were handing out coffee to commuters waiting in line for a ferry, explaining the transformation to the wide-eyed customers, talking about how they picked their coffee blend. The feeling of inspiration, creativity, pride and the happy buzz of anticipation at things to come – it’s all very contagious.

We loved our visit to Anvil and we can’t wait to bring you more pictures of their cafe opening, their delicious menu, the completed interiors.

– The Cloud9 Project

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