We’ve dedicated this feature to cheese – three simple party foods that you and your guests will love.

Bocconcini bites
This is the simplest addition to a cheese platter. Simply thread some bocconcini, a herb leaf like basil and a cherry tomato onto a toothpick. Then drizzle with a home made or store bought pesto mixed with some good quality cold-pressed olive oil. It’s colourful, it tastes great and takes minutes to put together.
Easy Entertaining Equations; bambini bocconcini skewers as starters

Toasties with blue cheese and caramelised onion
The mix of flavours and textures in these bite sized snacks are just superb. Buy some mini toasties (or crackers will do) and spread on a small amount of blue cheese or any strong flavoured cheese. We cooked up batch of caramelised onion by slicing two brown onions really thin and cooking them off in olive oil till they start to reduce and brown. Before taking them off the heat, add a splash of sweet caramelised balsamic vinegar and stir well. Set aside to cool before add as a topping to the cheese.

The crunch of the toast base, together with the strong, salty and creamy texture of the cheese with the sweet hit of the onions – it’s a winning combination.
Fromage et trois! Easy, cheesy entertaining foods: Toasties with blue cheese and caramelised onion

Fromage et trois! Easy Cheesy entertaining foods: Dukkah coated feta balls
If you’re not familiar with Dukkah, then you must get yourself some from your local spice store or deli. It a middle eastern mix of dried herbs,nuts, sesame seeds and spices. It’s perfect when served up with fresh bread, dipped in olive oil but we decided to get a little cheesy with it.

Roll up some Danish feta into bite sized balls and let them refrigerate to set for an hour. Meanwhile, get our dukkah mix (you can make your own or store bought like we used) and dry roast the mix in a hot pan for a minute or two to release the flavours and oils of elements. This step adds a further depth of flavour and crunch to the mix. When the mix is cool, roll your feta balls in the Dukkah, pop on a toothpick and serve it up. It’s a intensely flavoured bite, so accompany these with some cut carrot, celery and crackers.
Fromage et trois! Easy Cheesy entertaining foods: Dukkah coated feta balls

And after creating these little cheesy bites, serve them up with a complimenting spread of fresh bread, cold meats, pestos, relishes, crackers and remember a few sweet elements too like honey, dried fruit or grapes. Serve it up on a simple white or rustic wood platter and you’ve got the perfect grazing spread for your occasion.

Happy entertaining!

– The Cloud9 Project

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