Home with Heart: Lane Cove

We were invited along to a weekend lunch with friends who had only a month ago moved into their new-build apartment. I had to take my camera along because I knew this creative and soulful couple would have a home that reflected their gorgeousness. But even knowing this, I was genuinely overwhelmed at how homely their place looked and felt in such a short amount of time.

I’m delighted to bring you our next Home with Heart: Farzad and Simon’s new home in Lane Cove, Sydney.

Home with heart: Lane cove. Warmth, style and function in this beautifully decorated new-build apartment

The waft of heavenly scented candles, warm cushion clusters and throws, pops of colour in citrus tones, travel finds, vintage family heirlooms (like the big, beautiful, rustic dining table), industrial elements, thoughtful gifts – new pieces and old treasures… it was a heady mix of everything I love and all the things that I think make a house a home.

A big, comfortable and crisp white sofa with a well positioned chaise lounge was the perfect spot to take in the leafy vistas across Lane Cove. And as I suspected, my little toddler Maya was also attracted to this vantage point on which she perched to indulge in a little sweet treat. I was cringing with every crumb she nonchalantly spilt on the pristine white sofa, much to the amusement of our very laid back hosts.

All the crisp and fresh elements of a new build are married together with the warmth and charm that comes from collections built over time throughout many adventures. I’ll let the photos take you on a journey through this soulful space.

The living room is a big open plan space that opens up to the fresh breezes and sunlight that streams in from the large adjoining balcony. It’s a serene space and with oodles of comfort and an harmonious abundance of cute wares.

Home with heart: Lane cove. Warmth, style and function in this beautifully decorated new-build apartment

Dining and kitchen
The dining table is a family heirloom of Simon’s and the ornate wooden armchairs are paired with subtle silken ethnic prints to reflect Farzard’s background. They have more coming in this room and some slight changes, so it is currently in a happy state of flux.

Home with heart: Lane cove. Warmth, style and function in this beautifully decorated new-build apartment
Both bedrooms also look on the the big, beautiful balcony and are both minimalistic, comfortable and so elegant. The masculine touches are refreshing and sleek as are the select photographic and art works. My favourite things are the tufted headboard, the tripod bedside lamps and the floating bathroom sink and quality fixtures. There is a hint of luxurious, boutique hotel to all of these elements. In the study, I love the tall filing cabinet (an area of contention for the couple, but hopefully it remains!) alongside large black and white photographic prints that look all the more artistic in their temporarily propped up positions.

We were told that there were plans for furnishing and decorating their huge entertainer’s balcony. We can’t wait for a re-visit to show you what they make of the already beautiful space! As you would know by now, we’re kinda crazy for a good ol’ balcony heist!

The Feast
Oh and lunch, I can’t leave out lunch. Albeit a slight deviation from the topic on hand, it was a core component to the whole homely experience: a quinoa and kale salad with a homemade lemon and herb dressing and grilled haloumi, a spritzy homemade grapefruit micktail with mint and strawberry and a dreamy buttermilk panna cotta (I shall endeavour to post up the recipes on the blog soon!).

An assortment of cakes from their local markets were an oh-so-decadent addition!

Delicious mint tea from the most adorable hand painted tea set on matching coasters – purchases from a recent holiday in Vietnam along with a beautiful selection of silk (which may soon be turned into a table runner and napery!). It was the perfect end to a very inspiring visit.

We hope you enjoyed a peek into this beautiful home! Thank you to our lovely friends for being such great hosts and for letting us share your lovely home with our creative community. May you you create many happy memories in your new home!

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi


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