Endless Summer at Mrs Sippy Double Bay

We are kicking off a series that pay homage to the season that gets us all out and about, entertaining outdoors, sipping on cocktails, indulging in colour and basking in the sunshine – H&D’s Endless Summer Series – and we couldn’t think of a better spot to feature than one that embodies all of these things… Mrs Sippy in Sydney’s Double Bay.

With rustic, vintage, industrial inspired decor and repurposed elements …it’s a bit Palm Springs with some chilled-out LA vibes, with a series of open air bar areas, an excessively comfortable chesterfield lounge, guest DJs, resort like indoor-outdoor spaces, dreamy cocktails delicious food… it’s all there.

Take a look at our highlights from an afternoon of lazy Summer indulgence. And if you’re in the area, make sure you drop by there for a cheeky drink or ten together with some extended grazing through their scrumptious menu. They have great share dishes if you’re that way inclined.

Mrs Sippy
37 Bay St. Double Bay,
NSW Australia, 2028

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi


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