Page Turner: Home – 25 amazing projects for your home by Beci Orpin

You may not know this about me *grin*, but I love-love-love crafts! Yes, it’s very true.

When friends visit my home, they are always surprised by how many DIY and crafting books I have in my overflowing collection. The surprise is usually expressed as “But you’re already so crafty, so wouldn’t these be for people who aren’t as creative?”. Not at all! Common misconception people.

Nothing inspires a creative person more than another creative soul.

We feed off each others’ creative energy and penchant for all things weird.

So books like these are great for the seasoned and novice “crombie” <- a term my dear husband came up with for those of us that are Crafting+Zombies – huddled away in dark, candle-lit and candle-scented corners, covered in twine, pieces of felt fluff and jagged washi tape offcuts (vacuum’s prime nemesis), feeding off one another’s disproportionately long and involved stories about pompoms, stationery and handmade such-and-such.

Oh he knows me so well. And so does this book!


Whether it is for yourself or as a gift for a crafting homebody, it is a great book to have in any home. It has 25 great projects, but I love that they each teach you a different technique. And once you’ve tried one out, you can apply it in a variety of ways. So from those 25 projects, you end up with hundreds more.

All the ideas are simple and look pretty darn sweet. You’ve probably seen similar products in designer homewares stores.

Check out some of my favourites, but I don’t want to give them all away, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

You can check out designer Beci Orpin on Facebook and this book can be found at any good bookstore or online. She also has a new website up which showcases her amazing portfolio.

Happy creating H&D crombies xx

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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