My Carnival Addiction

Carnival prints are everywhere right now. Balloons, bears, bunting… it’s all up-beat and beautiful. So stumbling upon Kikki-K’s Carnival collection (currently on sale) was such a treat. It feeds right into my mantra on wrapping being just as essential as the present in the whole gifting process.

As you may know, I’m already a big fan of brown paper for wrapping up gifts, and this sticker book of cute tags and pastel prints is the perfect accompaniment to the earthy, brown paper base.

Either plain recycled brown paper or with a subtle print like this chevron design, acts as the perfect backdrop to get creative upon. Add some simple ribbon like this timeless tiffany blue… and you’re all set to gift away. The ribbon and both rolls of brown paper are from another of my favourite stationery stores: Typo.

Hope you liked some of the quick designs Little Miss Creative and I put together before a weekend of frou frou, cake, fairy princess parties and lots fun with her little friends!

If you have some wrapping favourites, then please do send in a photo to We’d love to share your ideas and inspiration.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi

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