Homebody much?

Most would feel totally guilty about spending a perfect, sunny Sydney day like today sitting indoors. But not me, not today, and not considering I am armed with a posy of hand picked flowers and a vintage typewriter.

For I am fulfilling one of top 50 things on my “Homebody Crafting Bucket List”. What’s that? It’s a much, much, MUCH more sensible and achievable list than the more commonly known Bucket Lists out there. Not for everyone, and perhaps hardly ….anyone. But for me it is a blissful opportunity to check something off the list and start creating my keepsake recipe journal with all my favourite culinary collections.

Vintage Typewriter for typing up favourite recipes and creating a keepsake recipe journal

A special shout out to my father who picked this up from a garage sale for $7 for me after I told him I was looking for one. And another shout out to my husband who hand picked this teensy posy of flowers this morning from the overgrown median strip in front of our house. I’m feeling so understood.

What totally unnecessary but absolutely cute, weird and wonderful homebody things do you get up up to?

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi


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