Molli & Mimi Stationery at Target

I try and keep things a little less mainstream and more handmade on the blog, so I promise I’m not being a sell-out… but I am loving the bright pops of colour and on-trend prints of the Molli & Mimi stationery range at Target. These perfect accessories can be picked up for around $8!

Pencil cases from Target
Even though there is a flood of really cute pencil cases around, I don’t really see anyone (except children) writing anything down anymore.

Molli & Mimi Stationery at Target
Use cute pencil cases as an inexpensive way to introduce colour to your wardrobe by using them as simple clutches. They are the perfect size for your phone, cards and cash… and maybe an actual pen or pencil too.

Notebooks and other stationery from Target
You’ll have to pull out that cute pen from your clutch case after all, because these notebooks are essential in my book (<-heehee, see what I did there?).

So put your phone away, sit at a cafe by yourself, order a coffee and sweet treat… and write something down.
I know it sounds quite random and perhaps a little unnecessary, but it’s quite therapeutic in this digital age. Write anything really… lists for shopping, a holiday list, to-do list, inspiration and ideas, or just scribble. I’ve been known to spend an afternoon or two lost in a sketch and scribble.

More from their range include ipad cases, a variety of notebook sizes, magazine files, document trays, pencil holders and more can be found here. A few matched items would make for a great gift pack  or back -to- school/office present too.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi


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