Handmade Ideas for Mum

If you want to give your mum a more personal gift this year, then why not try handmade. She’s bound to cherish the personal touch much more than a swift retail pick-up. So here’s our compilation of five super easy and heartful ideas that you can whip up in an afternoon.

quote her
She may have a favourite saying of her own or a quote that she loves which you can block print on fabric and frame.

A Place to Create: the home office - vintage charm through repurposed items, retro and vintage finds

All you need is frame minus the glass, material as backing, letter stamps and a staple gun. You can get a variety of stamps including text and prints from stationery stores like Kikki.K and Typo for $20 or under. Simply stamp your quote directly onto the material, let it try and then stretch the material over the back of the frame and staple it down.

You could make a much smaller version in small frame like this and leave the glass and backing on. No staple gun needed with this version.

SONY A very sweet mother's day gift pack, made just for mum with matching handmade items

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: The Pamper Hamper - day spa tray
Every mum likes a bit of a day spa pamper, so create your own tray with all the things she loves to spoil herself with.

Day spa tray for Mum

Soaps, some zen stones (here’s how personalise them), a candle holder (this white Marrakech one from Papaya is my all time favourite), soft wash cloths, bath salts, lotions, potions and a scented candle, a good book or magazine. Basically, just personalise it with the things you know will transport her to relatation.

breakfast in bed
Using the same concept as the Spa at Home tray above and put together a breakfast spread for her to indulge in at her leisure.

Some midweek inspiration - the day that starts with a breakfast tray

For an extra special touch, try your hand at making your own vintage mirror effect tray. It will add a touch of opulence… and no doubt, she’ll use it on many more occasions to come. Here’s how to make one.

Place her favourite breakfast treats onto the tray with some mismatched vintage cutlery, crockery and napery to complete the look. Then wrap the whole thing up in some clear wrapping. So all she has to do is make herself a cup of tea and indulge. Or you could go the extra mile and have the caffeine fix all covered for her by making your own brew of iced coffee.

Mini Herb Garden
For a gift that keeps giving for many meals to come, try your hand at a miniature herb garden. You don’t need to labour long and hard, we have some miniature ideas that will take you no time at all to put together.

Easy and green ideas for growing and storing herbs - the herb posie

My favourite one to gift, and perhaps the easiest to put together is the bamboo steamer version.

bamboo steamerPhoto Credits: http://www.homelife.com.au/gardening/features/bamboo+steamer+herb+garden,4940

You can buy a steamer like this from Asian grocers for around $10. Buy a good quality potting mix and add one herb per smaller steamer or alternatively plant three or four of Mum’s favourite herbs in one large steamer. She can keep it on her kitchen window sill and pluck bits off them as she creates her delicious meals… and they will fill her kitchen with an amazingly fresh aroma too.

Here are a few more happy herb ideas for you to try out.

Homemade Ice Cream
I mean make it all from scratch with Mum’s own, unique, gourmet flavour combo.

I recently tried my hand at this and it was much easier than I thought it would be to create delicious flavours. If your mum has a few favourite sweet treats you could combine them to make her very own flavour and “brand” of ice cream. I’m talking her favourite chocolate bars, desserts, fruits and flavours.

Use this recipe to make your own base mix and then get creative. When the mix is made, freeze it in a plastic container and make your own label to past on top or as a gift tag. You could create your own label, or use a DIY template online. There are many sites like this that have free printable labels you can customise with your own ice cream details.

Gift ideas for mum: customised, personalised ice cream
Photo Credits here

I hope I’ve convinced you that handmade and personal is the way to go. And Wishing all the Mums out there a magical Mother’s Day. Hope you get pampered and spoilt.

– The Cloud9 Project


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