Bring back tea time

I don’t mean to get all ‘ye olde worlde’ on you, but I’ve joined the mission to bring back tea time. And I don’t mean a hasty soy-mocha-frappa-wappa-cinno while on the go… I’m talking a much more civilised and soulful affair to help re-energise yourself and help reconnect with your favourite people.

Bring Back Tea Time

I pulled this spread together from things I had around the house and there was hardly any effort required, but it added so much more soul to what is often an afterthought. I figure, you can’t sit around waiting for big poignant and inspirational moments each and every day, so why not make the smaller moments count.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to put some tea time charm back into your day.

Bring Back Tea Time: A good brew
Whether you’re in warmer weather or indoors sheltered from a colder climate, good teas and coffees can adapt to the season by how you serve them up.

If you’re after a cool beverage try an iced tea or coffee. Take a look at this post for my special spiced ice coffee recipe. And for an iced tea, try brewing a tea of choice and then adding crushed fruit and fresh mint leaves. Then serve it up in a glass over ice. My favourite iced tea mix is chamomile with crushed lychees, fresh mint and a tiny squeeze of lemon. Oh and for an extra bit of cuteness, serve up your iced beverage in a glass jar like this simple jam jar.

For a warmer brew, try a good quality tea bag like my black tea of choice Nature’s Cuppa. They make organic and fair trade tea and use unbleached tea bags too (did you know most tea bags are bleached? Ewwww!). So you get all the flavour, minus any nasties and in a socially and environmentally conscience way.

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Forget about wasting time baking, and definitely forget about your waistline just for tea time. You can calorie-count for your main meals, but I absolutely forbid you to do so for tea time. Pick up a selection of smaller cakes from a bakery, and the trick to not over-indulging is to slice each single serve up into smaller pieces. Cupcakes, muffins, scones, brownies… slice away. I got these delicious orange and poppy seed scones from Baker’s Delight, and they hit the sweet-treat spot just perfectly.

They also have a range of other flavours as well as plain, traditional scones. I often serve these up with some freshly whipped cream (adding a dash of rosewater while I whop the thickened cream) and homemade jam (simmer frozen blueberries, water and a teaspoon of sugar over medium heat for around 2 hours till the water reduces and you’re left with a jam-like consistency).

Bring Back Tea Time: scones with homemade jam and whipped cream

Bring Back Tea Time: cute crockery
You don’t need a whole elaborate set, but at least four cute cups and saucers either matched or mismatched are essential if you’re going to get on board with serious tea-time.

The vintage look is timeless, and my favourite people in stationery Cristina Re are now doing some exquisite tableware in fine porcelain and finished with 24 carat gold plated designs. They are really something… such gorgeous, timeless designs and colours. Take a look at there range here (and read down to the bottom to see how you can win some pieces from their collection).

Bring Back Tea Time

Bring Back Tea Time: nice napery
If you’re luck enough to have a gorgeous tablecloth, napkins or such handed down to you, then savour them. Disposable items like paper napkins are handy, but nothing is more charming at tea time than a sweetly embroidered, cross stitched or laced napkins that are hand made. Second hand stores usually have a good supply of gorgeous napkins that have most likely been discarded to make way for the more disposable society we live in. Salvage these great finds (usual only a few dollars) and start a new tradition with a set of family napery.

Bring Back Tea Time: flowers, fruits and candles
All three of these elements add colour and a fresh fragrance to the occasion. I have multiple combinations of all three around my home at any given time. And sure, they are not essential to the actual tea drinking process, but they certainly add to the occasion.

So what do you think? Have I compelled you to bring back tea time in your household or workplace? Need an extra push? The lovely folk at Baker’s Delight would like to help you along by putting an exquisite tea time prize pack exclusively to H&D. So if you haven’t already, TAKE A LOOK AT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR COMPETITION DETAILS COMING SOON.

Bring Back Tea Time: Enter via our facebook page at

Enjoy the little moments H&Ders!

UPDATED 7th of August, 2014 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

This winner of our prize Jessica Rother… and WOW didn’t she just put her prize to good use for her stunning baby shower. Doesn’t see look gorgeously radiant? We love-love-love our lovely creative community and sharing great competitions with you all. So if you haven’t already, then make sure you like our page on Facebook to take part in all our competitions and giveaways.

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– Surangi x

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