Happiness is… keep calm and carry on

Simon Corcoran: Happiness is - guest writer for www.HillaryDijon.com

Have you wandered passed the self help section in a bookstore and noticed how many books there are on happiness? I’m always so fascinated as to how many different things make us happy.

So what is happiness? Happiness is showing off the amazing shoes you bought last week, it’s relaxing on your favourite nook, it’s spending time with the family, it’s catching up with your friends for a glass of bubbles, listening to your favourite song, or reading a great book. The truth is that happiness provides an endless supply of joy. You don’t necessarily need to read a book to find that out.

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In a world that’s filled with deadlines, school drop off/pick up, meetings, planes disappearing, political fights, a struggling economy, job losses, and not a decent Madonna album since “Confessions on a Dance floor”, it’s easy to sucked in a world of negativity.

How do we continue to remind ourselves of the simple pleasures in life when it throws us a curveball?

It’s my personal philosophy that you can dust yourself off simply by revisiting fun holiday photos, cooking something new, splurging out and buying something naughty, going for a stroll to your favourite place, or even calling an old friend for a chat.

Mahatma Gandhi quote

We need to give ourselves permission to indulge sometimes, and it’s my aim to bring you some different ways to hold on to those fabulous moments. I’ll be bringing you some things that make me happy and I encourage you to join in and share your happy stories with me.

– Simon

Simon Corcoran: Happiness is - guest writer for www.HillaryDijon.com


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