Cubby House Inspiration

So it’s 2015, four weeks after I’ve just had our second baby and… I’m itching for a new project.

Sure, said children should be project enough. However toddlers go to Preschool and newborns sleep a lot. So while all conditions are perfect (and they won’t be for long), I’m getting through my creative wish list like a Mumma possessed!

First cab off the rank was this Cubby.


It’s a great size, it has good bones but time and an spirited gang of munchkins had left it looking a tad disheveled. A few nails to straighten up the floor and wall boards and a good sanding was in order.

I just had to bring a styling dream to reality and went with little Hampton’s Cottage look. Our little Miss chose the colour from a selection I put forward and we decided on Taubmans Caribbean Green. It’s a great colour for interiors and exteriors… so if you’re looking to freshen up a space, we highly recommend this calming seascape green. It contrasts well with a bright white.

Two coats later the cubby was starting to exude some sophisticated toddler club house vibes.

Cubby Club House

So I went a tad overboard and decided to accessorise in and around the cubby.

Astro turf, colourful plants and planter boxes from Bunnings. And a garden gnome named Morgan Lillia (because she wanted to call him bougainvillaea but can’t pronounce it properly).

A pair of rabbit ornaments from Papaya Homewares

Cubby Club House

Two Sandpits from Target for $59 each combined to make one larger one (it’s not built with the specific ability to join together, but with a few extra screws, it’s pretty easy to do so).

Cubby Club House - before

Cute canvas quote for inside the cubby for $9 (even though Maya is three and can’t read yet) and “wind socks” for $1 each from to hang from the Japanese Maple that shades the area. They are cute little kite looking things to hang from stuff and dance around in the breeze… and I’m predicting them to be the next big thing in outdoor decor!

So for a little under $200, we’ve recreated a sad and discarded space into a blissful kids zone. Every day since, there have been a multitude of adventures on this little area with lots of friends.

Cubby Club House

And we now have a very house proud little toddler who tends to her little cottage and garden every day.

Hillary and Dijon - Surangi


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