Cubby House Inspiration

We inherited this cubby when we bought our home. It has been well used with lots of sweet, little handprints and drawings inside.


A few nails to straighten up the floor and wall boards and a good sanding was needed before painting.

We decided on Taubmans Caribbean Green to brighten it up. It’s a great colour for interiors and exteriors… so if you’re looking to freshen up a space, we highly recommend this calming seascape green. It contrasts well with a bright white.

Two coats later the cubby was starting to exude some sophisticated toddler clubhouse vibes.

Cubby Club House

Astro turf, colourful plants and planter boxes from Bunnings and a garden gnome completed the look.

A pair of rabbit ornaments from Papaya Homewares

Cubby Club House

Two Sandpits from Target for $59 each combined to make one larger one (it’s not built with the specific ability to join together, but with a few extra screws, it’s pretty easy to do so).

Cubby Club House - before

So for a little under $200, we’ve recreated a sad and discarded space into a blissful kids zone. Every day since, there have been adventures in this little area with lots of friends.

Cubby Club House

And we now have a very house proud little toddler who tends to her little cottage and garden every day.

– The Cloud9 Project

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