What happens when a donut falls in love with a croissant? They make a blissful union and the most beautiful of babies. And so was born one of my favourite weekly treats. Behold… The Cronut.

There are a few cafes serving these up, but one of the first to do so is a local favourite – Brewtown in Newtown, Sydney.

Many reviews of this delightful place have hit the blogosphere since my first visit. So I’m going to keep mine short and sweet (pun very much intended).

They have multiple cronut varieties – glazed, cinnamon, chocolate, jam filled. And they are all amazingly decadent, but my favourite would have to be glazed and cinnamon. I refuse to have one with the other, I’m fiercely loyal like that.

But have a jug of water on standby because when you go past one cronut, the sweetness (or is it the “I should try to quit sugar” guilt?) really kicks in.

Grabbing a Cronut at Brewtown Newtown

They have a fab breakfast and lunch menu using free range, organic and pasture fed produce. I can highly recommend the “Corned beef hash with garden peas, poached egg and parmesan crumbs” for breakfast, but wouldn’t suggest lunch or dinner plans afterwards because it is super satisfying.

And they serve up the most perfect coffee brew too. They are a micro roasters with a range of speciality coffees that are also for sale.

I love the gritty, industrial Newtown vibe reflected in the space – exposed brick, weathered wooden doors and ceiling beams, polished concrete floors, tiled table tops (definitely doing a DIY version of this soon), and repurposed wooden crate display shelves.

There’s a retail collective called O’Connell Street Merchants upstairs with a wide range of artisanal products on display – art, home wares, fashion, accessories. But that’s a whole other blog post right there.

Grabbing a Cronut at Brewtown Newtown

Phone 02 9519 2920
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