High Tea Styling Tips

A fancy high tea doesn’t have to mean complicated and fiddly. We have some quick tips on creating the perfect high tea table-scape.

High Tea Styling Tips

High Tea Styling Tips
Try candles in soft, floral scents like jasmine and gardenia and pop them into simple glass jars.

Candles in Glass Jars

If you like to go overboard on candles like I do, you may want to think economical and go for these white gardenia candles that have a 30hour burn time (only $1.50 each from Spotlight). The subtle scent will waft through the space and flicker away to add warmth and softness to the occasion.

High Tea Styling Tips
Photo credit here

Table lamps work much better than overhead lights for a High Tea tablescape. If you’re high tea setting is outdoors and power points become a little tricky, try this great project – adding a solar light to a lampshade for alfresco use. Brilliant!

Add Solar light to table lamp

Photo credit: Pinterest.com

There are a great range of solar string lights on the market so if you see designs you like, snap them up. But first check that the bulbs are a “warm white”. I always keep mine charged a day in advance leading up to a party.

High Tea Styling Tips

Keep flowers simple, unstructured and bunched into posies. Again, glass jars are perfect.

Succulents also work well when added to a simple posie. Offcuts of hessian tied with twine great around a glass jar.

High Tea Styling Tips

High Tea Styling Tips
There are numerous bunting, garland and pompom making tutorials online, along with pre-made varieties available in many stores. So I insist that at least one or all of these items is absolutely essential for your high tea decor. Actually, for life in general really.

A Vintage Wedding; Stuart and Leanne -  a row of bunting helps soften the industrial features of the large warehouse space

If you have a colour scheme in mind, it’s super easy to make your own tassel garland. Choose 2-3 colours and a metallic in tissue paper wrap.

aper tassel garland
Photo credit here

Paper pompoms are similarly easy to make and can be hung from above your high tea table or scattered throughout for pops of colour.

Maya's Handmade First Birthday

High Tea Styling Tips
Pop into your local second hand store or try your weekend markets for a range of mismatched crockery, platters and pretty linens. They will only set you back a few dollars, yet the look of these time-worn pieces adds personality, charm and elegance.

High Tea Styling Tips
Hands down, one of my favourite entertaining purchases have been these glass drink dispensers. Perfect for a homemade brew.

High Tea Styling Tips

They make an appearance whenever I entertain a group of more than 4. They are available from most home wares stores, but these babies were only $19 each from Kmart and can hold up 9L each. They currently also have this smaller 3.7L one for just $10.

mason jar glass drink dispenser
Photo credit here

We recently styled a high tea birthday, and the warm weather was perfect for a chilled version of our favourite tea brews. Lemonade and barley tea with fresh mint is a refreshing option and our spiced iced coffee recipe is always a winner.

High Tea Styling Tips
It’s the perfect occasion to indulge in a sweet treat or ten. And since the food is kept bite-sized, everyone knows you’re entitled to indulge just that bit extra.

We recently found this amazingly simple, delicious recipe for Apple Roses. You have to try it – all you need is puff pastry, jam, apple slices and some icing sugar to finish.

apple rose tart
Photo credit here.

And then there are our Cloud9 creations too. Like Cheat’s Trifle, Mini Cupcakes with Lemon Cheesecake Frosting, Pancakes bites with salted walnut brittle… along with copious amounts of other recipe creations to choose from.

– The Cloud9 Project



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