Backyard Brunching

With one more month of glorious Summer left, I want to get the most out of the BBQ before the cooler weather sets in… and following on from my previous ‘ode to the BBQ‘, I’ve got some brunch ideas for those lazy weekend mornings in the backyard.

If take a look at the “getting started” section of the previous post, you’ll see how easy it to add some Heat Beads briquettes to your BBQ to take it to a whole new level.

To start off with, I’ve picked something sweet with a bit of kick…

Crispy coconut oats with honeyed yogurt and red wine poached pear

Place 4 peeled and halved pears in a heavy based pot with a cup of red wine, cup of water a teaspoon of cinnamon, clove, cardamon pod, star anise and two teaspoons of sugar. Cook with lid on for an hour. This can be done a few days in advance and set aside in the fridge. In fact, the flavours infuse even better on the second and third day and the pears really soak in all that red wine goodness. And oh the aroma!

Backyard Brunch on the BBQ

Toss oats and desiccated coconut in a little bit of coconut oil and honey and spread evenly over on a shallow baking tray. Place tray on the grill in the BBQ for a few minutes until oats get a deeper brown colour and then set aside to cool.

Stir honey and natural yogurt together till the honey has blended through.

Assemble in a glass or jar by layering in the poached pears (diced) first, then the yogurt, a few berries and the oats to finish. I like to add some brown paper to the lid and tie it with twine for a really cute single-serve brunch treat.

Backyard Brunch on the BBQ


Bacon and egg scroll

For a twist on the bacon and egg roll, cut thin strips of puff pastry into 3 cm strips and sprinkle with shredded cheese and bacon bits. Then roll them up onto a scroll and Place them on foil or a non-stick baking pan and squash down the middle few layers of the scroll to make room for the egg.

They will cook in around 8 minutes on the BBQ and you’ll know their ready when you can see the pastry crisp up. At this stage, crack an egg into the centre of the scroll and cook for a further 1-2 minutes until the egg is cooked as you like it.

Backyard Brunch on the BBQ

The Brunch stack – balsamic roasted tomatoes, crispy salami and poached egg

The tomatoes can be tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then held straight over the grill to crisp up over the briquettes for that lovely, smokey taste.

Backyard Brunch on the BBQ

The salami can be crisped up in the BBQ on a foil base for a few minutes. The fat will render out and leave you with a delicious and addictive salami chip.

Backyard Brunch on the BBQ

Toast sourdough slices over the grill for a few seconds on both sides and then it’s time to layer. Along with the tomato and salami crisps, add wilted spinach, red onions, and anything else you fancy. A poached egg on top will finish it all scrumptiously! Although, I haven’t quite figured out the perfect poached egg on the BBQ yet, so that will have to be done the traditional way.

Backyard Brunch on the BBQ

Vietnamese Pork Roll

Remember that pork roast? Well try and save some along with the crackling because it makes for this great brunch/lunch roll the next day.

Toss the pork in a mix of chilli sauce, lime, sesame oil, fish sauce and soy sauce. Then fill into a crispy bread roll with shallots and coriander. It’s… aaaaah-mazing.

Backyard Brunch on the BBQ

Wishing you many lazy weekend brunches.

– The CLoud9 Project



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