Brunch at Three Williams Cafe

The whole family were recently invited along to sample a smorgasbord at The Three Williams Cafe in Redfern Sydney and suffice to say, we are now a little in love with this new brunching spot. It ticks all the boxes … Continue reading

Feasts and Treats: pastry like a pro

I’m always impressed by my friend Judit. She is one of those girls who can just get anything creative. She cooks, she crochets, she can sew and she generally makes me feel like I should have paid more attention in … Continue reading

Feasts and Treats: Ultimate comfort food – Bread and butter pudding

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re in your pyjamas. Rain pours outside and the wind whips the trees around. There is *no* way you’re going out there… but what do you do about that craving for something sweet and delicious? Enter … Continue reading

Mini Organic Choc-Banana Pies

I flipped Selina’s Organic Pasties recipe into a sweet treat by changing up the filling with slices of organic banana and pieces of organic chocolate. I used chocolate from a slab (not cooking chocolate or melts) and it worked really well. I recently … Continue reading

Feasts and Treats: Papri Chaat

When I was growing up, if you’d asked me if I liked Indian food, I would have probably replied with an emphatic “NO”. After being fed Indian food by my mum every night, I’d drool with anticipation the few times … Continue reading

Food Review; Momofuku, Sydney

Many foodie friends had excitedly mentioned “Momofuku” over the past few months, so it was high time to get my loose-waisted degustation attire on once more and settle in for another tasting menu. Twelve courses of heavenly Japanese fusion cuisine … Continue reading

Feasts and Treats; Greek Loukoumades

My first memory of cooking is from when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My school was in a Greek neighbourhood and so they offered the option of taking Greek language lessons. Being the precocious child that I … Continue reading

Feasts and Treats; Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

Living in Sydney, we’re fortunate to have a wide selection of food available for our eating pleasure. One of the cuisines I go back for again and again, is Vietnamese. There’s something so enticing about the fresh, punchy flavours. A … Continue reading