Donut loves croissant

What happens when a donut falls in love with a croissant? They make a blissful union and the most beautiful of babies. And so was born one of my favourite weekly treats. Behold… The Cronut. There are a few cafes serving … Continue reading

Quick tips on making your own chocolate treats

Last weekend, I went to The Sydney Chocolate School  with some girlfriends to attend their introductory course on hand tempering chocolate. It turns out, it’s pretty easy to do… and the end result is definitely worth the effort. First let … Continue reading

Hello world: exploring Malawi

Flanked by the borders of Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania in Southern Africa, the tiny nation of Malawi is often overlooked by travellers in favour of its neighbouring giants of the African safari and overland tour circuits. However, during a recent … Continue reading

Authentic Chinese with a modern twist at China Republic

World Square is nestled within a shopping, business and impressive high rise residential pocket in Sydney’s CBD. A relatively new space to Sydney but it’s already housing an impressive list of great restaurants, one of which serves up delectable modern Chinese cuisine in … Continue reading

Nonna-approved authentic Italian at A Tavola

I like to think that great Italian restaurants all have their roots around a big kitchen, with Italian mothers and grandmothers chatting away as they work on pasta recipes passed down through the generations. And I love that A Tavola’s … Continue reading

Page Turner: Beloved Homes

Love a sticky beak into other people’s homes? Don’t worry, that doesn’t make you a creep, just… creatively curious. You can put your trench coat and binoculars away, because this book takes you into nine inspiring Swedish spaces with lots of … Continue reading

Enchanted by the Old World at Villefranche

On a recent holiday to France, we had to visit the tourist hot-spots that are iconic about the country, but then we immersed ourselves in the true spirit of exploration. We meander across the countryside and into the Pyrenees moutains where we … Continue reading

The Last Drop: old world and new world wines

No doubt you’ve all heard about “old world” and “new world” wines. Regions in France, Germany or Spain, for example, would be considered part of the established old world and regions in, say, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the … Continue reading

Mexican Street Food at Mr Moustache Bondi Beach

A few hours before a massive storm hit Sydney, I was a giddy participant at a tasting organised by Mr Moustache at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Luckily, I was snug inside at home and having a food-coma-like siesta by the time … Continue reading

Molli & Mimi Stationery at Target

I try and keep things a little less mainstream and more handmade on the blog, so I promise I’m not being a sell-out… but I am loving the bright pops of colour and on-trend prints of the Molli & Mimi … Continue reading