Sweet Home; Decor from the Vegie Patch

I think I may have stumbled into a decorating trend. How nice to be inadvertently fashionable! Let me explain: last October, while mooching around my local farmers’ market in London, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I spotted a harvest … Continue reading

DIY Festive decorations

We had a small pile of plywood left over from a variety of different projects throughout the year (like our Chatswood and Newton balcony transformations) and the remaining bits are too small to use in another projects… so we got … Continue reading

H&D Balcony Transformation; Newtown

If you live in or close to any major city, then you’re most likely an apartment dweller. And if you’re blessed with having any outdoor space like a balcony, it’s a travesty not to use it to its full potential! … Continue reading