Enchanting Villefranche

On a recent holiday to France, we had to visit the tourist hot-spots that are iconic about the country, but then we immersed ourselves in the true spirit of exploration. We meander across the countryside and into the Pyrenees mountains where we … Continue reading

On Island Time: Dolphin Beach Resort, Sri Lanka

Ever heard the phrase “on island time”? It’s basically when the pace of life slows down and there is no set time for anything. No schedules, no routine, you can be early or late. You just kick back and let … Continue reading

Unwind in the Woods: A winter weekend at Cradle Mountain Lodge

Don’t languish away through the winter cold, celebrate it! Summer holidays get most of the glory, but I think a winter escape can be just as enriching for your soul. If you’re looking for a perfect winter getaway, submerged in nature but … Continue reading

Beach House Inspiration

Most of us have a fondness for seascapes and happy holidays in the sand and surf. So whether you’re living coastal or an inland dweller, here’e how to create a sea-inspired surround. Here are three photo galleries of all my … Continue reading

The Road Less Travelled; South East Asia

It’s exciting to be able to write a blog on memories so fresh for my second H&D post. I’ve been back in Sydney two weeks today (as I write this) after spending the previous two weeks in Thailand & Cambodia. This … Continue reading

The Road Less Travelled; Beautiful Planet

You already know a little about me from my bio, but I thought I’d add a few more key pieces to add some background and context to my posts coming up in H&D’s ‘The Road Less Travelled’. I’m an English … Continue reading

10 Random Reasons to Adore Paris

There are all the reasons in the world to visit this amazing city like say, the palaces, fine art, rich history, gorgeous landmarks like the Eiffel tower, fine dining, high end fashion and all the sophistication and opulence one could … Continue reading

The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled

We’re so lucky to have Mark Turner joining the H&D team as Guest Writer for ‘The Road Less Travelled’. He’ll be sharing some amazing travel experiences with H&D through his adventures off the beathen track from all over the world. … Continue reading

Travel Photography and Home Styling

If you’re a traveller then you will know the joys of exploring different places, meeting new people and enjoying the tastes, sounds and sights of the world. Armed with a camera, you’re an artist as well as a traveller so … Continue reading